Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello mudder, hello fodder

My husband is an ardent listener of CBC, so every morning I wake up to the sounds of Sheila Cole. For the best part I try and tune her out, but when she gets on a rag not even the deaf are saved from the prattle.

Today she endlessly drawled on about Diefenbaker's "illegitimate love child." Over and over again she asked people to go to the website and view photos. Is this really newsworthy? Do we care whether or not Dief had a fling that resulted in off-spring forty years ago?

Before you jump to conclusions, I am neither or fan nor enemy of Dief. He was bit before my time. From what I've heard or read, he was a great orator, used humour well to make his points and became an icon for Saskatchewan. If the allegation is true, it simply humanizes him.

This alleged son is not the only person searching biological parents, but he is one of the few to get national attention for his search. From the interview, he is estranged from his mother, step brother and the man who raised him and who should be called "Dad." Does it matter who he shares DNA with, other than perhaps to capitalize on past fame?

I hope the Diefenbaker Centre gives him the DNA sample he requested and that this story dies a quick death. If he is a biological son, then he'll know and get on with life.

If he isn't, I won't expect Sheila Cole to spend a full morning on informing the public that her titillating story was simply a wishful tale.


  1. Dief is like Tommy Douglas, he's seen his role in Canadian history greatly exaggerated since his death.

    Thank goodness I stopped listening to the CBC, nothing but complete drivel.

    Smart use of taxpayers money? I remember before Obama made his appearance to the ancestral home town of his father in Ireland and the CBC thought wise to send a reporter a week ahead of time to do an editorial piece on the town. That was tax money well spent.

    Too bad Sheila's still on the air.

  2. Although I agree with your comment mistress it is Sheila Coles

  3. At least it gave us a break from the "Jack Layton Memorial Celebration". I swear we are a few more days away from having the left officially petition August to become "Layton Memorial Month".

  4. Wow that comment was out of left field.

    Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning Anon 10:57? Thought you'd make you day a little better by trolling the internet and anonymously insulting people.

    Thanks for the contribution.

  5. If this piece had been on 650NTR, would it have been worthy of a blog post?

    I doubt it.

  6. I have decided that Anon 10:57 is becoming tiresome. The best way to get rid of him is to hit my delete button - which I did and will continue to do. Bye bye 10:57

  7. Too bad your "despise of censorship" pendulum only swings from the right, Elaine.

  8. Yes, and I despise mean-spirited slander as well.

  9. Anon 1:12,

    You come off sounding like a bitter former co-worker of the Mistress. Perhaps an old Councilor who was jealous? Or a trustee that was constantly in shadows and never got the opportunity to achieve anything higher?

    You bitter resentment to anything the Mistress says is tired and boring. If the Mistress is truly offbase feel free to use well reasoned arguments to explain why, it's much better than just typing insulting mean spirited comments.

    Then again someone such as yourself probably use the insults to help you feel better.

    I've noticed a lot in the last week that the pendulum of tact doesn't seem to swing from the left very often, if ever.


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