Wednesday, August 3, 2011

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The Mistress is unavailable for blogging today. We're hoping she will be up and writing again as early as tomorrow.

In the meantime, what are the thoughts on the recent revelation that the NDP interim leader was a card carrying member of a separatist party? Is this a big deal? little deal? No deal at all?

I for one find it weird that a separatist would be the leader of a nationalist party? Whatever one's motives for joining an organization (or political party) they should be aware of the perception. Should Turmel be labelled a separatist for being a card carrying Bloc? Probably no more than Brad Wall being labelled an heir apparent of Grant Devine by virtue of being a ministerial assistant during the Devine government.

In the end, this is probably no big deal and should be looked at for what it is: The NDP trying to appease it's Quebec base, nominating an interim leader that serves their party's interests rather than those of Canadians. So much for all that election rhetoric.

The Mistress' helper


  1. Well Helper, I would agree just the Block membership would not pose a big concern but now it comes out she also holds a membership in another separatist organization. You can't tell me that this is just a coincidence? The NDP should be raked over the coals for this as it is obvious the rest of Canada means nothing to them and they will do anything to hang onto the seats they have in Quebec. I have never liked the fact that separatists were allowed in the house off commons in the first place and this is just another slap in true federalists. She should be labelled a separatist. As for the NDP keeping her on that is their choice bad as it may be for them in the rest of the country.

  2. Harper has sepratist supporters in his cabinet.

  3. Who? What is the evidence of them being separatists? Do they have affiliation?

  4. Conservative Minister Denis Lebel was an active member of the Bloc Quebecois. Conservative Minister Maxime Bernier was a political aide to former Premier Bernard Landry who made all employees declare their loyalty to an independent Quebec

  5. We all hope the Mistress is recovering from her unfortunate illness.
    I have known many born and raised NDPers that have recovered and lead good productive lives now, same may be true for sepratists. After all when they see the extreme value of sucking the life out of the rest of Canada to bolster their economy why would they leave?

  6. Anon 10:45
    Rehabs a bitch, a long and often lonely journey.


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