Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pay now or pay later, but pay you will

Everything is recyclable - including the Local Improvement Program (LIP) program. I remember it well.

Council is down to last options. Its either this or a massive tax increase. Or further decay of the city infrastructure.

The thing that really peeves me is that over the last year and a half my neighbourhood streets have been used as thoroughfares as a result of the city closing arterial roads for the construction of the lift station - that no one wanted. These residential streets were not designed for the amount of traffic that used them or for the heavy construction equipment. The city damaged these streets and I think it unfair to charge homeowners under a LIP program to fix the mess.

My second peeve is the consideration being given to charging homeowners interest on any LIP cost if they can't pay the full cost up front. If that comes to be, homeowners would be better off taking out a bank loan.

And if Council thinks the public will not see this as additional taxation, they're wrong.

What a horrible mess.


  1. or the inequity created if they end up putting the program in place.

    If your street/sidewalk was recently repaired by the city your sitting pretty. On the other hand if your street hasn't seen anything for 20 years you get the shaft....

    Not to mention it will lead to a further decay of already poorer neighbourhoods...

  2. Id have preferred a vote on infrastructure vs a new gallery or many of the other frivolous expenditures I didnt want but am forced to pay for. This council has to go before we are all broke!!!!!!

  3. Maybe the police could offer to return their state of the art gymnasium to help fix our roads?

    Or maybe their cultural smoking rooms with expensive ventilation systems?

    Or donate proceeds from armoured tank they want to buy?

    Or from forensic lab big enough to service all of Western Canada?

    Or their unnecessary shooting range?

    Just a thought about some places to start

  4. Actually Elaine, I am really happy to have that lift station. I think most people are. It's great to people able to have flush toilets!

    If you use a toilet, you want that lift station in place and don't complain about it being on the east side of the people expell just as much crap (likely more!) as the west side!

  5. Yikes, we have a Taj Mahal police richard craniums! Whats wrong with the YMCA? to work out....Shooting range??? Why dont we put in a jungle jim and Wii stations too! Give me a break!!! Come on people, vote with common cents next election!

  6. oh ya, what about those lovely LAP (Local Area Plans) - lots of wages paid out for staffing....., residents volunteer hundreds and hundreds of VOLUNTEER hours - only to find out they ran out of money to actually do anything in our communities... Real Smart!!


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