Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The residents of Corman Park have just spent $33,000.00 to find out what they already knew - their local government is dysfunctional. I can't recall when the next elections are for the rural municipalities, but after this term they all get four years. Its a long time when your government isn't working effectively for you.

Perhaps its time to look a recall legislation in this province.


  1. Nah if we had that the slimy NDP would cheat, lie and steal their way to an election every 2 years if they weren't in power. This province is heading in the right direction.

    As for City council, expect the flood of NDP sympathizers on Councils around the province. The career politicians need somewhere to find work. Once the municipalities grow tired of their outdated views they'll be knocked down another peg to community associations.

  2. I have found that politicians of every stripe are willing to do whatever it takes to win. Maybe you should dial down the anti -NDP rhetoric and take a look at all of the parties- I don't think it would be difficult to find examples for all of them lying and cheating.

  3. There is only one flaw in this otherwise brilliant theory. The vast majority of voters don't care enough to VOTE! They are so disinchanted with the whole process they refuse to particpate. Who would then participate in any recall, perhaps only those that took the trouble to vote in the first place and they are probably just fine with the candidates they elected.

  4. Civic elections should be held every 18 months and the voting should only take place via the internet. We would have a tighter leash that way and may also be able to vote on future city projects.

    PS Enough with the NDP bashing. Its getting old and your getting annoying. Grow up and don't fvck up this forum.


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