Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The second coming?

I wouldn't wish death, and particularly an unpleasant, painful death on anyone. I am truly sorry that Jack Layton died during the prime of his political life and that his death was not easy. I was not a supporter of Jack Layton. I did not agree with his politics. But I admired the fact that he persevered with his beliefs. I acknowledge with he was a dynamic personality. So this comment is not necessarily relative to Layton himself, but about a society that canonizes well-known personalities after untimely or horrific deaths. It started with Princess Diana.

With all that has been written and said over the last 24 hours about Jack Layton, I found Christie Blatchford's column (SP Aug. 23/11 - page C8) noteworthy.

I regret that former NDP MP Simon DeJong, who served this province from 1979 to 1997, passed away and his death will go relatively unnoticed. Again, I was not a political supporter of his, but he too died in his 60s and he too made contributions to society. But he will not be sainted.

I just don't understand why society goes overboard - why we can't recognize the good that one does without embellishing a career that could stand on its own.


  1. What got me about this the most was that it was the top story and even on some news media the only story. I listen to Newstalk650 most of the time while at work but really a hole day of commentary and interviews with people that supposedly "knew" him. I was so fed up with it I refused to watch the TV news at its starting point and decided to wait until 1/2 way thru that way I wouldn't need to hear the same thing for the 100th time. And since when is something that happens first thing in the morning still "breaking" news at mid day. I agree those that had a person relationship with the individual should mourn the loss of someone they knew well but does all of Canada need to be devastated I don't think so. Mistress you are right on the money many people die at young age my brother-in-law was only 40 (cancer) and his death had far more repercussions (a wife and two young children) then the loss of Mr. Layton at the age of 60.

  2. My sympathies go out to Layton's family and friends at a time like this. Always sad to see someone pass on too soon.

    I do agree with you on this one Mistress, yesterday Canada did everything short of anoint Jack a saint.

    What particularly bothered me yesterday was the (I'll emphasize small) small percentage of left wing supporters who seized the opportunity to take political pot shots in the wake of Layton's passing.

    Of particular are the usual biased writers who wrote fear mongering posts about the rampant terror that Harper will be about to go on, and surprisingly even respected journalists joking that members of the right are, "cackling and laughing about this today".

    Sadly, Jack's parting words didn't register with these people like it did with the rest of the country.


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