Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The show must go on

As the summer drifts to an end, I will miss the lazy, crazy days at the lake. Being there makes me think I could live in small town Saskatchewan - in reasonable proximity to the city.
When I read this morning SP (Aug. 16/11) and the further cutbacks Council is mulling over, I wonder whether I should make the move. As Council cuts nickel and dime items, which won't amount to much overall in tax increase coming, everyone in the city is going to lose something important to them. For me, crazy as this seems, it would be the Christmas lights. In the dark, cold days of December those lights brighten the city and enhance the Christmas season. I know that a growing number of citizens in the city do not celebrate this Christian holiday, but for the majority that do the lights perk up many citizens and encourage the festivities.

The next article dealt with the bus barns and the ongoing issues with transit. I would sure like to know where Council is getting the $200 million for the new barns slated for 2013 - immediately following the next civic election. And how much effort will go into reducing tax hikes that year. Merciful God let this matter of public transit be fixed and don't bankrupt us doing so.

Right now I am feeling that the only priority Council has is getting themselves re-elected in 2012 so they can continue with the spending folly for four more years after the election.

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  1. I think there are enough people like myself who will be constant reminders to the general public next election exactly what this council has done the last few years.

    Covering up the damage with a bandaid won't solve the election dilemma this time.


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