Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Identify yourself

I was raised to believe that being part of a democracy afforded citizens both rights and privileges. And I think it is incumbent upon governments to protect those rights and privileges.

For those reasons I don't understand the opposition to voter ID during elections (SP Aug. 31/11.) The allegation by NDP house leader Kevin Yates that voter ID targets First Nations doesn't wash with me given that the provincial government has offered picture ID to First Nations through SGI. First Nations people also have Treaty Cards. And sufficient notice has been given to allow all people time to obtain the necessary ID. And everybody, regardless of race, should play by the same rules when electing a government.

If the issue is residency at the time of a an election, that issue affects everyone. People move about the city from one constituency to another between elections. I expect that the same rules on residency should apply to all, including First Nations. If there has to be an exception made for First Nations residing on reserves, enumerate the reserve prior to the election. Or put their address on the photo ID card offered through SGI.

We have heard concerns about voter irregularity during past elections. Its time to clean it up.


  1. As an NDP supporter I also have no idea why they are making an issue out of this. Their time would be better spent working with the First Nations to ensure they have the proper documents to vote then grandstanding before a camera trying to make an issue out of it.

    In addition to helping the First Nations obtain ID, they could introduce them to the party platform and welcome them to politics.

    It is unfortunate that people such as Kevin Yates represent everything that Jack stood against. The NDP volunteers are going to be rally behind Jack this election and pull a rabbit out of the hat. I only hope that politicians like Yates realize that working together is more productive then smearing.

    Yates would be a good fit in Harpers government.

  2. Anon 9:00am, I liked your comment until you invoke the name of "Jack Layton" as the savior to rally behind. Maybe you should look at your current leader in Dwayne "fumble fingers" Lingenfelter and realize he is so far behind the charismatic Layton that the Provincial NDP will only be pulling thin air out of that hat in the fall. I appreciate that the NDP want saint hood place onto Jack, but most saints didn't have the stained record Jack did with things like living in public housing while on council or even being caught in a brothel. The best thing for the NDP this fall will be the dumping of Link as leader and looking for someone that can make the NDP relevant in today's global economy.

    As for the identity requirements it is those that are complaining that most likely wont vote anyways. Can anyone guess what overall percentage of those that vote wouldn't already have ID. My guess is maybe less than 1% Yates' problem is that might be what he needs to get elected as his race will be hotly contested.

  3. Everyone needs ID to go to a mediclinic....healthcard, sgi photo id, treaty card.... there is no excuse for folks...unless they need help breathing too! Get ur sheet together humans!

  4. I don't always agree with the mistress, but appreciate the blog and discussion...THanks Mistress!!

  5. How is this an issue in 2011? Virtually everyone has cell phones but they can't be bothered enough to get ID done? That goes for First Nations and non-First Nations.

    No ID, no vote. The NDP are picking the wrong fight here for many people. I can't comprehend how you can stand in front of cameras and proclaim that we should lessen the voting restrictions so that anyone can walk off the street and proclaim themselves to be anyone and vote (I know pollsters sign a document there, but if anyone has seen this happen in reality they know what the process is like).

    Canadians should be expected to take the responsible steps to vote in Canada. This means learning who/what you are voting on and meeting the requirements to vote (ID, residency, current address).

    What a dumb non-issue.

  6. anon 9:40,

    You clearly never had the time to meet Jack and get to know what he came to represent. He almost united the country at a time the Conservatives tried to rip it apart. Uncle Jack become like a family member to millions of households across Canada and his value to Canada can be witnessed by the pouring of grief for the last week AND THE STATE FUNERAL he was properly given. It can be argued that Layton will go down as a more important Canadian than PM Harper. When Harper tried to rip the country apart, Layton held it together.

    His passing has and will continue to inspire the country. All the negative vibes that Link has put out have been counteracted by Layton's ability to bring the country together. The energy at the last provincial campaign meeting I attended was electric. The volunteers and supporters are all ready to win this election in Saskatchewan in the name of Jack. We will prevail in fall thanks to inspiration we were given.

    Please show some more respect for one of the greatest Canadians of this generation.

    Anon 9:00

  7. Let's keep on topic people. We are talking about voting and voter ID. There is NO excuse in this day and age to not have proper id. It is a must....How do you go to the mediclinic, and get prescriptions. Everyone has a stub of some sort. It should be against the law to pawn your ID or for pawn shops to take it. My 2 cents!

  8. I can't believe that having an ID is even an issue. It's 2011.

  9. Anon 9:00

    Oh I have not doubt the "NDP" supporters are keeping as you call him "Uncle Jack" as a rallying cry. However that is exactly what it will be crying on election day. As I said before Jack did nothing but win a bunch of seats in the wake of an anti PQ vote as the default choice for so many separatists. A drunken mule could have won just as many. Hell many of the candidates didn't even campaign and won their seat. Oh and as far as uniting Canada get real. How many seats did he win in Saskatchewan again ZIP and Albert 1. and all you can hope is that with a lame leader like Link the Provincial NDP doesn't see the same thing.

    And to those on the topic of ID well it really isn't much of a topic which is why the NDP are putting it out there they are scrambling for something to buy votes and have no real alternative to the popular way Brad Wall is governing. Even an attempt to have every union go on strike during the election is waning. And yesterday Link brings out the "savings" account he will set up for "future" generations. Like one savings account isn't enough we already have that Link but thanks for telling everyone that it is a good idea.

  10. Our taxfunded politicians are all a joke. Municipal,Provincial and Federal. First Nations politics are leading and showing the way.. Any baboon could be a politician. Fed up!

  11. Yes, NDP Yates is looking for something to stir the election pot...I'm surprised he is not digging in dumpsters again. lol!


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