Thursday, December 3, 2009

Big Brothers

I have this growing uneasiness about government intervention on lifestyle choices, yet I don't necessarily disagree with it.

Banning the use of cell phones while driving is one. I think it is dangerous for a driver to call or text while driving and puts others at risk. The dangerous part is distraction from concentration necessary to vehicle operation, so allowing for hands free use of cell phones defeats the purpose.

Banning smoking in a private vehicle with kids in the car is the right thing to do. One would think every person would know that and not do it. Apparently not, so government will legislate it.

Restriction on tobacco sales sort of falls into line with alcohol. You have to be of a certain age to purchase booze and then only from the government operated store, with few exceptions. At a time when debate is ongoing as to whether or not private liquor sales should be allowed, we take another legal substance and put more restriction on it. If it is a given that both alcohol and tobacco are unhealthy lifestyle choices, why not just ban sales of these products.

Increasing our conduct, when deemed by government to be bad for us, is being legislated. It seems if we as individuals are judged by government or lobby groups to be making poor choices, then big brother will take away our right to choose.

Given that obesity is a growing health concern across the province/country, perhaps government will save us from ourselves and legislate diets.

I am left in a quandary. I don't disapprove of legislation that protects people, particularly youth, but I am getting an uneasy feeling about the intrusion of government.

I already have three great brothers and don't really want government to join my family tree.


  1. As per my comment on your previous post, our biggest concern is this Governements total lack of fiscal responsibility. If they continue along this path we need not worry about them legislating our cell phone usuage or smoking habits as few will be able to afford a cell phone or cigarettes!!
    Im truly appalled!! I am not a SaskParty supporter but was willing to give Premier Wall the benefit of the doubt & thought he was doing a failry good job. Wow, was I wrong!

  2. I actually think the cellphone law is stupid. Yes, talking on your cell is dangerous and texting is even worse. But don't we already have 'driving with undue care and attention' laws? Why do we need a specific law for electronic gear?

    As well, the law is not banning MP3 players or GPS units, both of which also distract attention. Studies have also shown that hands free calls also distract people and make it hard to concentrate on driving. There are also myriad of other non-cellphone activities that distract people but we don't legislate against eating in the car, or putting on makeup, do we?

    In the end, it's a dumb law which accomplishes little. Just enforce the existing law and we'd all be better off without yet another item piled on.

  3. I totally agree with Stoonguy. The law is only being put in place to throw a scare into people that have already developed this bad habit. I doubt they will every be able to enforce the law given the loop holes of MP3 Players/GPS and of coarse my favorite form of communication the CB radio. I know I myself can be far more distracted by lets say those scantily clad females on a hot summer day then I ever will be talking on my phone, but then again I generally pull over when I see such a sight.

    As for Political Junkie2's continued ship jumping... you remind me of those part time fans I see at football games, leaving before the final whistle blows. Maybe you should put a wait and see attitude on things, just as every other voter will be doing over the remaining time this government has before the next election. If they turn this thing around in the final quarter I hope to see you dancing in the isles as you cast your vote for Brad and his team.

  4. Ship jumping? That coming from you..hmmm.
    I dont appreciate the snide comments Griz..If you had read my comments you would note I made it quite clear that I have never nor will I ever vote Sask Party. I gave Wall the benefit of the doubt, not my support. Supporters of the Sask Party ,such as yourself, might want to give your head a shake and put your leadership's feet to the fire before you sink on that ship!
    I wouldnt hold my breath waiting for the big turnaround...especially if supporters such as yourself keep your head in the sand and dont voice your concerns.
    Next time, Id appreciate you reading my postings in entirety before making false judgments!

  5. How do you lefty, liberal loons like political junkie 2 not puke all over yourselves when you say such outlandish lies as "I was willing to give him (Brad Wall)the benefit of the doubt". You NEVER had any intention of giving him the benefit of the doubt and have undoubtly worked at undermining his government from the moment they defeated your beloved wornout and hasbeen NDP.

  6. I agree Anon, heard all the anti-Wall comments before the election, during and after. What a joke politicaljunkie2

  7. Neither of you deserve a response. Your hostile attitude speaks volumes.
    You havent a clue what my political leanings are. In fact, there is no political party I favour at this time. What I do know is that I am not so blind as to ignore the fact that this government is spending us into the ground. Please dispense with your usual anti left rhetoric is as boring as the anti right bullshit.

  8. Thank-you for the undeserved response and thank-you for recognizing my absolutely hostile response. You may not know what your political leanings are but everyone who reads this blog knows what your political leanings are. YOU ARE A LEFTY!


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