Thursday, December 10, 2009

Deep thoughts or shallow minds

Former Chief Meechance is going to jail for eight months for thwarting the democratic process by buying votes for hard, cold cash according to the SP report. I think the process needs that protection and the message needs to be sent to politicians and/or candidates that we expect honesty from them.

At the same time I have to toy with the idea that politicians/parties "mislead" the electorate all the time in order to get our votes. We seem to be bought with our own money in every election. I guess the difference is that they use our money to by our vote whereas Meechance used his own.


  1. Wow Mistress you learn quickly outing your source right off the bat. But on this topic I thought you would mention the NDP leadership fraud and if the same could be said about buying memberships for people that don't want them as those memberships are basically sold by the member looking to get elected. VOTE BUYING I SAY YES!

  2. CivicMistress's only source is the questionable reporting from the SP every day.

  3. Glad to see the bashers have made it here early. Why bother coming to the site if your only reason is to trash the Mistress?

    You expect a cheap remark about the NDP and were surprised not to see it. You criticize her for opening a discussion on a relevant topic locally?

    I for one enjoy reading my morning paper with a coffee, then being able to see some discussion and debate on news from around the city. Keep up the good work Mistress, the trolls won't go away and just ignore their petty comments (probably some broken hearted bleeding heart socialists you hurt along the way somewhere that still haven't learned how to cope with their feelings).

    As for the sentence, glad to see it and would have been happier if it was longer.

    This whole spending spree had me thinking that maybe the intrusion of party politics into municipal elections might be a good thing (anyone who believes that both the NDP and Sask Party didn't loosely run 'candidates' in the last municipal election is putting their head in the sand). Why not just out the party politics for what they are (I think we can all name who on council would be with which party) and hold them accountable come election time. It is happening behind closed doors anyways.

  4. Not sure what to add to the Mistress' comments, maybe that this guy is the ultimate dirtbag


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