Thursday, December 17, 2009

Green Acres

Today's rental situation in Saskatoon reminds me of the late 1970s. At that time our rent almost doubled in a short period of time and absolutely nothing else was available in our price range. It is why we bit the bullet and bought a house, although we struggled coming up with a down payment and cut every luxury out of our monthly budget in order to make the mortgage payment. Ironically today our monthly property tax payment exceeds our initial mortgage payment.

For years the province and cities used the lure of cheap housing and land costs to attract business to our locale. The high cost of living in neighouring provinces brought ex pats back home. We are what we wanted to be.

Social housing will address the issues of the marginalized. My heart goes to young middle and lower middle class families who are caught in the abyss. In today's SP one such person commented on looking for residence outside of the city. I think they will find that anything within reasonable driving distance to the city will not be much of a bargain.

Perhaps rural Saskatchewan will now use the lure the province and cities previously used - cheaper housing and land costs. In today's technological world many people can work out of their home. It might be nice to see some growth outside of the two major cities.

The grass might not just look greener, it may be greener on green acres.


  1. What are you advocating Mistress, that the communist NDP come back into power and implement their rent controls, land purchase price limits and inferior business sense to drive this province back into being a has-been (or never-was) province?

  2. Actually the high cost of living *didn't* bring expats at home. We lost tens of thousands of people and our children to neighbouring Alberta. So cheap land is not nearly as big of a lure as a hot job market is.

  3. Civic MissInformationDecember 17, 2009 at 11:31 AM

    Actually, Anonymous, it was the Romanow NDP who removed rent controls in Saskatchewan.

  4. and also Calvert's NDP that guided Saskatchewan into being a have province...remember? Though, now Wall's Sask Party has run a billion dollar deficit. I'm sure it must be because of his superior business sense...

  5. ....and it was the Calavert NDP who called for them to go right back in last year. What is your point?

  6. Seems you have no point anon 9:50. If Calvert called for Wall to resign would Wall listen? Wall is the premier which means having the second biggest deficit in the provinces history is the responsibility of the premier.

  7. I'm not sure how anyone could suggest my comments support land price or rent control. My point is that sometimes unexpected circumstances create new directions for people.

    The lure of cheap housing and land was bait for companies to locate in Saskatoon, knowing if jobs came here people would follow. Companies take the bait because they can adjust salaries and benefits downward because of the lower cost of living. We have had new employment opportunities in Saskatoon but not in the higher income levels.

    Some of you good folks need an exorcist!

  8. You are a small minded and ignorant person Anon 1:17. Do you really think that the state of affairs of a province/country can change in the course of a year?

    The NDP are not right on every issue, either are the Sask Party. No jurisdiction in the world has found the ideal government, yet the supporters of both parties in this province (especially NDP supporters) seem to think their party has it figured out.

    Anon 1:17 you are a small minded and ignorant person, take you head out of the sand and feel free to have an independent thought for once. Believing every word your leader tells you is a sad existence.

    To dumb it down to your lemming like level. Pretend the Sask Party is Ford and the NDP is Chevrolet. When you are car shopping (ie. election time) do you simply say I have always driven a Chevy, I love my Chevy and will only listen to what Chevy is selling? Or do you research both companies and choose the ideal fit for you needs? I imagine I know which class you fit into: driving a Chevy (probably with one of those lame stickers of Calvin pissing on a Ford logo on the back window no less). Anyways, the advice/information given to you by your leaders is about as independent and accurate as information that either dealership would give you on trucks. Ford will tell you how bad Chevy is, Chevy will tell you how bad Ford is, both will cite some safety awards they have won, and both will cite some problems with the other company. Here's the thing, neither are being upfront with you.

    Enjoy being ignorant Anon 1:17, it must be bliss.

  9. You are pathetic Anon 1:17

  10. One question for Anon 1:17, this is Anon 1:45 here, if there was an election next month and your beloved NDP won, would you logically conclude that:

    "Lingenfelter is the premier which means having the second biggest deficit in the provinces history is the responsibility of the premier."

    and that him, rather than Wall, would have to take the blame for the deficit? Do you really think the entirety of this current state of affairs is the blame of Wall and the Sask Party?

    If no, then your point is useless on the premiere being responsible. If yes, then I hope you aren't one of the lemmings citing the NDP as being responsible for the boom. Amazing, how the lemmings see their party as can do no wrong

  11. Anon 1:45 your ranting is what is pathetic. Why dont you people try a little objectivity. Seems everyone on here is either a SaskParty supporter hating NDP and vice versa...getting damned boring!
    Maybe if you gave the issues some objective thought you may actually come up with some good independent ideas & not have to resort to name calling. Grow up!!


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