Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Premiere Premier

Mandryk's SP column today poses the question of premier of the decade - Calvert or Wall. I think it is a little early in Wall's career to make that judgment, unless the criterion is simply electability.

I personally feel that Wall is a better ambassador for Saskatchewan than was Calvert. In that respect Wall reminds me of Romanow. He gives the province more credibility outside the provincial boundaries and inspires provincial pride. However, Wall's ability to govern has not yet been fully tested.

On the other hand, Calvert has a track record that leaves me feeling he wasn't good or bad. A plodder.

Your thoughts?


  1. So if being unmemorable makes for a good premier I would have to give the nod to Calvert. I was never a supporter but when doing the litmus test as a Premier he wasn't the worst or the best I can remember and doubt I will in a few years. As for Wall I like how he approaches or province on the positive side as opposed to the gloom and doom of previous Premiers. Only time will tell if he can become the next Monarch of the province.

  2. "as opposed to the gloom and doom of the previous Premiers"

    Can you substantiate that statement?

  3. I dont think either qualifies as being an outstanding leader. But if I had to choose between the two it would have to be Calvert. The reason being that Wall has dealt us a heavy blow with a major deficit situation when in good economic times. That disqualifies him immediately in my mind. It outweighs the good ambassadorship role he has played.

  4. Not sure how good of an ambassador Wall is. He attempts to attack the opposition using the quotes of Eric Howe only to have Howe call Wall a repeat of Devine.

  5. I would agree it's a little early to judge Wall, although I think early indications are favorable. As for Calvert I think he was the best Premier in recent history. He manageed a pretty diverse group of MLAs and Ministers and managed to steer the province to a good place.


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