Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The pot and the kettle

"There is only one taxpayer." Who do you think said this? Canadian Taxpayers Association? A business group? A right wing fanatic? Wrong! It was NDP deputy leader Deb Higgins. I wish she had understood that that when her party was in government and down loaded everything onto municipal governments and property tax payers. As dear ole granny liked to say, this is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Although the Gantefoer was way off the mark on the potash revenue and guilty of over optimism on potash sales, so were legions of others who held on to potash stock. Old Premier Wall is now damned if he does and damned if he doesn't on this budget. When he puts a hold on spending until this mess is reviewed and the budget renewed he is charged with breach of promise. If he continues with the spending and we are in a deficit, he is charged with mismanagement. I think the apt expression here is 'hoisted on one's own petard.'

For those of us in the peanut gallery it is simply hypocrisy.


  1. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about regarding the SaskParty reviewing their promises.
    1. They said they would take away the taxing ability from school boards. AND THEY DID! Thank you very much. As to reducing property tax anyone with any sense of reality could tell you that any reduction in property tax was going to be tied to increased revenues elsewhere. ie royalties/PST. I doubt anyone thought there would be a reduction on behalf of the greedy school boards.

    I applaud the SaskParty for making the changes they did and delaying commitments is alright by me.

  2. Too bad Wall is continiung to break election promises. He promised no deficit budgets and we end up with the second biggest one in the provinces history.

  3. Just curious. If there is only 'one taxpayer', why does it matter what level of government costs are passed to? If we end up paying either way, does it really matter if the cities have to pay more and the province less or vice versa? Maybe if you're a city politician it does, but in the end, does it make a difference?

  4. It wasnt merely that Gantafoer was off the mark on potash sales , as Eric Howe (conservative economist) says :"One of the province's foremost economists says the Brad Wall government is suffering from the same mindset that plagued the Grant Devine government and added $10 billion in debt in 10 years". Fortunately some Sask Party supporters are willing to acknowledge their leadership is breaking Saskatchewan's bank.
    Hopefully, Sask Party members will take their leadership to task & insist on more fiscal responsibility before this Governemnt bankrupts our province.
    Although I am not a SaskParty supporter, I was willing to give Brad Wall the benefit of the doubt & thought he was doing a fairly good job. Sadly for our Province, Premier Wall did not learn from the mistakes of the PC Party & has taken our province from a surplus situation into another deep hole that will take us some years to recover from. Shame on you Premier Wall!!!


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