Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Political Virtuosos

Thank God the provincial auditor can't be fired. It would seem that no matter who is governing simple math concepts elude the governing body. Put the liabilities on the debt side and the revenue on the credit side. If government owns the Crown and takes revenue from the Crown, it stands to reason that it also own the debt of the corporation. How many times does the auditor have to repeat himself before the message sinks in? The simple definition of revenue is money coming in, not saved money. The rule of thumb for we mere mortals, when we use our savings to pay unexpected expenses we do not include that money as revenue on our tax returns. How hard is this to grasp?

I wish all of the MLAs would sit down with the auditor, design a realistic budget process without pointing fingers as to who created or inherited whatever and give us a true picture of our provincial economic situation. Thereafter every government should be required to follow the process.

I shutter to think what we would discover if the auditor did a report on the city's books. The current process of audited statements never comments on the financial practice of city management. Do we rob Peter to pay Paul?

Ah, what the hell . . let's just keep fiddling . . .

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