Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Tiger by the tail . .

I think Tiger Woods is one of those rare athletics - the best in his sport to date. If you are a golfer it is a pleasure to watch him play. I am very interested in every aspect of his game.

I am not remotely interested in his matrimonial harmony, or lack thereof. I care not how many dalliances he is alleged to have had, their names or amounts paid for silence - if in fact any of this is true. If a public figure's personal/family life does not impede his/her ability to do their work, or they do not use their family as props for personal advancement, then it should not be up for public consumption.

Put the Tiger back on the tee.


  1. I agree, CivicMistress. Our fascination with the personal lives of public figures discourages good people from pursuing careers, particularly such as public life in politics.

  2. Tiger's job though is not really to play golf. His job is to be a squeaky clean role model that companies want to employ as an endorser. The situation that has occured DOES impede his ability to do this and thus it is up for public consumption. Like it or not, he made his money being a very public figure so that's why he now is taking his lumps in a public forum.

  3. I generally agree as far as golfers, actors, etc are concerned - I think it has been overkill by the media re the Tiger - But .... it is more complex than just that. Some professionals have contracts that require them to be "clean" otherwise the company sponsoring them or hiring them may be prejudiced by their dalliances. And so one could say that the alleged dalliance is interfering with his work.

    I also think that if someone is going to "represent" you as a politician, or if someone is teaching your children, or is a preacher or priest, etc., etc. then they should uphold societal values, like honesty, integrity - no stealing, no lying and you should be able to trust them. So it just isn't that simple Civic Mistress.

  4. You must admit now that the CAT is out of the BAG the comics have had a hay day. And besides it couldn't have been better timing as it took the Riders mishap off the sports pages and wire.

  5. Tiger Woods endorsements are a bonus factor to his golf job. 25 years from now no one will remember any product he endorsed but his golf skills will be legendary. His job is golf.


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