Friday, December 4, 2009

Not the perfect Xmas gift

I agree with the law that people should not be allowed to profit from their crimes. When parolee Colin Thatcher decided to write his denial, my first thoughts were who cares. Another book to collect dust on the shelf of the unread. Then Sask Justice decided to become its promoter. This book is getting prime time media attention, not because of its literary value or content, but because of the action of Sask Justice.

I can't believe that outside of Moose Jaw, or Saskatchewan, that anyone would be interested in this book. After publishing costs, how much profit would there be? Would any thinking person actually pay a dime to read the ramblings of Thatcher? I hoped not. However I expect the book sales will now increase as a result of the actions of Sask Justice. Perhaps we should have waited to see if there was any profit to pursue before chasing after it.

Real authors would kill for this kind of attention to their publications. Hmmm . . .maybe . . .

As books are hot commodities during the Xmas season, treat your friends and families kindly and bypass this one.


  1. IF he were to be innocent he wouldn't be profitting from a crime, since he is guilty his ramblings are pure ficton so he is not infact profiting from a crime, but he is indulging his right to freedom of expression. So in this case Uncivil Mistress is right! Quit paying any attention and there will be no profit, all this will be moot and Mr. Thatcher will slide back into the abyss where he undoubtedly belongs.

  2. I'M going to have to disagree with the Mistrass on this post.
    As a prospective writer, I find this post insulting on a variety of fields. "Who cares about Thatcher's denial"... "real authors"... "Xmas season" (how status-quo of you, Elaine)... sometimes I enjoy checking up on your path to ultimate self-deprecation.
    You've made it clear that you would probably pay a dime (or at least charge one), but who are you to define writing? How many books have you written? Just because his genre isn't your cup of tea doesn't really mean anything.

  3. Anonymous(posting at 10:50)... what happened in your life to make you so angry? Mistress is spot on about Thatcher, his book, and the unwarranted publicity it is receiving. And frankly, your criticism of her criticism, borders on being comical. I truly hope for your sake that your posts become somewhat relevant when you become a "real author."

    Oh, and out of curiousity, how can you possibly find mistress' comment on the field of "Xmas season" insulting?


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