Thursday, March 11, 2010

Burning issue?

With all the burning issues to be dealt with in the legisature was it necessary to use up time on a salacious poster put out by MLA Heppner (SP Mar. 11/10). Was is tasteless? Yes. But the whole purpose of this exercise was simply to embarass the goivernment.

Use the time in the legislature to deal with issues of importance to the public. We have a budget coming that needs attention. If you can do that take your bat and ball and go home.


  1. Well I can't help but think the Sask Party would have done the same thing should the NDP have been so foolish as to superimpose a roasting pig over a 911 photo for something as trivial as a fundraiser.

  2. The ethics of rasing funds on the deaths of innocent people is a serious matter.

  3. You see really confused Elaine....Heppner embarassed the government. It's ridiculous to show people dying as an add for a pig roast. The NDP just pointed out how ridiculously embarassing it is. You try too hard to blame the NDP for things dear. It seems you think that if we just ignore the embarassment of Heppner, no one else will care. We should not have to hide what our MLAs do to save ourselves from embarassment, they should not embarass us in the first place.

    We wouldn't look like back woods rednecks, if our politicians didn't use the twin towers as an add for a pig roast. That is the problem, not the person who pointed this fact out.


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