Monday, March 8, 2010

Lost in the maze

On one hand the provincial government states health and education are going to have to toe the line on spending during budget recovery period. On the other hand conversation is obviously happening for a new stadium in Regina and the possibility for an event centre for Gordie Howe bowl. Premier Wall states that although the federal government is going through its own austerity measures, as are we, they still must invest in Saskatchewan infrastructure (SP Mar. 8/10). If that's the case, then Saskatchewan should invest in itself - speed up the Children's hospital and highway replacement. And with an aging population we have a shortage of nursing/care homes that need to be invested in.

It would appear that the government is contemplating using casino revenues to help fund the operations of a new stadium. This is an irritant for me. I have been advised that a Regina art gallery gets some annual operational dollars from the government - the Mendel does not. The Centre of the Arts gets some operational assistance from the government - TCUP does not. CUC is operated with local dollars - no provincial money. I am further advised that casino dollars funded the arts. Recently our symphony lost half its grant. What's going on here?

I know that some of this spending is one-time capital money and the other is operational dollars. But after you spend the capital dollars then you need operational money in perpetuity. If we find it difficult to find the operational money for necessary services why are we contemplating building more facilities that will drain the operational pool?

I know this writing sounds erratic, but it reflects the messages being sent by our leaders. Or perhaps the message is . . .


  1. Mistress your comments appear to be a bit self-serving this morning aren't you looking out for yourself when you speak about investing in nursing homes. LOL

    I have never heard that casino money would be going into operating. In fact the Feasibility Study indicated the facility would operate a profit. I do agree there isn't a level playing field when it comes to the operational dollars between Saskatoon and Regina but isn't that an issue our Civic Leaders should be diligently working on.

    I don't see this issue as a do this but not that type of thing. Or Province is in the unique position to build a first class entertainment center for 35,000-50,000 patrons. These types of opportunities don't come along often and the Province of Saskatchewan needs to take hold of it and do things right. A 35,000 seat open air facility that can only be operated 4 months of the year will certainly be a operating dollar drain on us all.

    The fact Telemiracle raised over $4 mil AGAIN shows that our province has the money to achieve great things now lets just hope the Saskawhiners don't win out on this one.

  2. You are right mistress...makes you wonder! Given the mismanagement by this current provinical governement nothing surprises me anymore. The latest revelation that their mismanagement may cause us to owe the potash companies money leaves one totally perplexed! What are they doing??? Even the most ardent of Sask Party supporters have to be very disillusioned....these folks are governing us into bankruptcy!


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