Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dip, but no chip

In the good old days double-dipping used to mean extra chocolate on your ice cream cone or the rude person who dipped the same chip for a second time. Now its definition is simply greed.

So far we've heard about the nurses. politicians etc. but we've heard nothing about the masters of the art of double-dipping. The teachers. Not only do they get a retirement gratuity for announcing their early intention to retire but they come back and work on contract, receive salary, pension payment and benefits. Good gig. Meanwhile we have young graduates who are waiting tables or doing other menial tasks to help support themselves while they try to get on the sub list and hope it will eventually lead to full time teaching employment - or leave the province.

As for Lingenfelter's dilemma, I was surprised he was only receiving $36,000.00 annually. Perhaps he's sharing his pension benefits as a result of past matrimonial property settlements. If he is donating to charities it would behoove him to state the recipients of his largess and whether or not he receives and uses tax receipts for income tax purposes.

This is a circumstance that Brad Wall is not going to have a goodly while.

Man, its hard to resist that dip!


  1. I double dipped once and got slapped. Never Ever Again! LOL

  2. wouldn't happen to actually have any facts to back up your rant about teachers would you.

  3. Although I am not a teacher, I think teachers are underpaid for the work they do and the responsibility they have. I think it is time for society to value education more and encourage high quality young people to look to teaching as a great profession and one that pays accordingly. Maybe if the pay was better, it wouldn't be necessary for teachers to go back to work after retirement.

    What irks me about Lingenfelter double dipping is all the NDP rhetoric about how awful double dipping is only to see their leader now doing it, albeit he is giving some away - so he says. It is always easy to criticize others but when the shoe is on the other foot, it becomes a different story.

    The duplicity and the acceptance of it, that we see in modern day politics from people of all political stripes is a real turn off!

  4. Except he is giving it to charity well two Saskatchewan party MLAs double dip and have given zero indication that they are donating the taxpayer share to charity.

  5. On issues like this, I think it is wrong to point to someone else and say "Well there doing it, so..." If it's wrong - it is wrong. And it doesn't matter who else is doing it, it doesn't make it right. I take your point that Mr. Lingenfelter is donating "some" of it.
    My concern is that too often politicians of all political stripes say one thing and do another or take positions they don't really believe in, and have no intention of sticking to once elected. There is too much manipulation, expediency and duplicity in the political process - it is making a mockery of the institution, causes cynicism and erodes democracy.

  6. if he or anyone else is entitled to it what business is it of ours.

  7. perhaps the we could afford to pay the teachers a little more if there were no so many elderly teachers double dipping and robbing the resources from the younger teachers.

    to the teacher who feels they are underpaid, no offence but any job that gives a three month holiday in the summer should by default be paid slightly less than other civil service jobs. i understand the importance of teachers, but really they are not underpaid all that much in comparison to the rest of society.

    ps- enjoy your 12 week holiday (on top of your regular days off) that is fast approaching ;)

  8. I think the Sask Party making an issue of this is merely an indication that they are running scared. Given all the other problems we are facing this one barely hits the public's radar. And before Wall chastises others he should reign in his own members that are double dipping.
    Anon 7:10 you are right! same old politcal b.s. that all parties engage in. And they wonder why we are all becoming so cynical.

  9. "If he is donating to charities it would behoove him to state the recipients of his largess and whether or not he receives and uses tax receipts for income tax purposes."

    Why should Lingenfelter pay tax on income he forfeits?

    Perhaps we should demand that the CivicMistress make her income tax returns public, given her history in public life.

  10. um, teachers get 2 months in the summer.

  11. sorry, a free two month vacation my bad. i guess working the 10 month versus the 9 month year is that much more difficult, let's up their wages

  12. Not free
    I do believe they get paid for 10 months and cannot collect EI for the other 2.
    Not to jump too deeply in to this but if you look at their salaries compared to nurses or police officers I think you will see there is a significant gap today that was not there 15 years ago.
    Oh and please don't forget the nights and weekends many (not all) teachers work supporting extra curricular activities.

  13. i'll preface this by saying that i have many friends who are teachers, who i hope are not reading this blog today. however, teachers have one of the 'slackest' professional jobs around.

    when you include the pension fund, paid summer holidays (regardless of their cheque schedule, they are paid a YEARLY salary which represents income for the year), the ability to double dip, and other benefits (ie health and dental) that come with government gigs i would argue that if anything teachers are overpaid.

    even if they are paid for 10 months a year, then their salary should reflect that- perhaps the reason for the gap that did not exist 15 years ago- let them earn additional income in the summer if being a teacher is such a tough hustle.

    i understand they are teaching 'tomorrow's leaders' as some bleeding hearts cry, but that does not mean that they need to be paid on par with other professions. that argument is nothing but a sham looking for sympathy. how qualified a person do you need to babysit 7 year olds and teach them some fundamentals about reading?

    the next time i see a teacher working under the conditions of nurses and police officers (ridiculous hours, in the line of danger, surrounded by ill people all day), i will agree they need a raise. as long as they keep hauling in a comfy salary for working 10 months a year, building their pension up until they can start double dipping, working in a safe environment with children and maintaining banker's hours i will continue to argue they are overpaid.

  14. as for the double dipping point, i know of at least a half dozen very qualified bright teachers who are struggling to find even substitute work these days because the old guard of teachers refusing to give up their gravy train.

    stupid thing too is that a couple of them have mentioned that once they do get they will likely do the same thing if available for them as well.

    also, with regard to the extra-curricular activities point. i would argue there is a larger portion of teachers doing less then there is doing something substantial in that area. furthermore, it is generally the younger teachers looking to establish themselves who do extra-curricular activities rather than the older teachers.

    such old school union mentality, let the lazy old senior workers reap the benefits while screwing over the new workers.

  15. wow...sorry teachers just baby sitting 7 year olds....not quite. If a kid can't read, then they are screwed and when there are 25 or 30 kids in a room, they aren't the easiest people to deal with, let alone teach. It's kind of important for kids to be abl to read and the fact of the matter is most teachers go in on Sundays to prep for their week and still end up staying until 6 most school nights to have their lesson plans ready. Trust me as a government employed professional who is married to a teacher, I have a pretty good idea of the difference. Teachers work longer hours (that they aren't compensated for) and get lower wages.

  16. anon 3:18,

    your husband is what we call a sucker, that or he is having an affair and using work to cover it.

    i don't think any person here believes that teachers actually work as you claim they do. drive by any school parking lot at 5:30 and see the number of cars in the lot. what a joke.

    plus as a spouse of a teacher you would know that teachers are also paid for prep time, which is currently at 20% of their workday.

    hahahaha your spouse works six days a week, stays at work until 6pm daily..... as i said they are either a sucker or having an affair. or perhaps one final option, they realize what a delusional person you are and simply looking for reasons not to be home.

    teachers are glorified babysitters, sorry for tiptoeing around the subject earlier. 8.5 month work year (2 months in summer, 2 weeks at xmas, week off at easter, week off for spring break, professional development days, personal days) isn't a tough gig, plus all the SWAG they get from parents at xmas and appreciation days and really why are they complaining.

  17. Sounds like somebody had a bad experience
    Go spend a day with a teacher in a classroom in an inner city school( they would be more than happy to have you) and then I might consider listening to you rant.

    Until you have walked a mile in there shoes its just a rant.

  18. i've seen dangerous minds, does that count?

    you seem to have this vision that all teachers are like robin williams in dead poet's society. most of them are more like teamsters with more time off. the getting paid extra for everything from supervising lunch hour to coaching a team. then on top of that the senior ones use a loophole in the system to screw over joe taxpayer and any younger 'union members' trying to get work. ya riiiiiiight, they deserve MORE money

  19. Question: Is Lingenfelter getting a second pension from being an MLA? He collects the old one, gives half of it to charity, so doesn't pay income tax on it because it is deductible as a charitable gift, so it's a wash but - is he and government paying into an MLA pension for this second MLA stint of his?

  20. Is Christine Tell doing the same?

  21. and Schreimer, and Hinke, etc. etc.


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