Friday, March 12, 2010

The price of a pig roast

The gamesmanship of provincial politics is pricey. At a time in our history when Saskatchewan was coming to the forefront, nationally and internationally, as a place to be and come to we let our reputation be scandalized for the sake of a few political points. Heppner's poster was tasteless and the voters of her constituency will judge her accordingly come the next election. But to spread this issue throughout the nation and the US tarnishes us all.

Years back, under other leadership, we were referred to as the Mississippi of the North as a result of negative issues surrounding First Nations. We all were portrayed as rednecks and bumpkins. We had the alleged Martensville sex scandal that showed us in a bad light. Now this. Why? To score a few points and grab a few votes.

The whole episode is shameful, and the only pigs we should be roasting are the politicians.


  1. Sorry Mistress I must disagree that using the picture of the 9/11 tragedy was done in poor taste. This event was all about what happened on that day. Had it somehow tried to compare it to something that had happened in her constituency then yes you would have a point. Are we to assume we would never ever again see these images? Or maybe only in memorials.

    As for any political gains I doubt there will be any as it could well be said those people are also exploiting the 9/11 incident.

  2. Speaking as an American citizen I am disgusted with what has taken place. I hope things stay hard for Heppner. Such stupidity is tough to swallow, and I am glad that this blew up in her face.

  3. You're blaming the wrong people for this. It was Nancy Heppner's group who are to blame not the NDP.

  4. The issue is who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to use an image where thousands of people were dying for a pig roast?


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