Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Did you hear what I heard?

Apparently city council has heard part of the message from the public regarding snow clearing - spend more money. More money is being allocated to the service of clearing, but today's SP report was silent with respect to snow removal. Does this means snow will be pushed to the side of the street and you can drive down it but you can't park?

In the residential areas, after a major snow fall or if your ruts get to about 10 cm you can call for a plow - which will arrive within 2 to 4 weeks. Mother Nature may be offering a faster service.

It is my impression that the root of the problem is in the administration of the service. The suggestion of pushing snow unto the sidewalks clearly says that the department has not heard the message of either the public or council. What I think the public was saying is they want a set plan for timely snow clearing and removal. To make the suggestion of pushing snow onto sidewalks tells me the administration did not take seriously council's sidewalk clearing bylaw. Then again, council did not take this bylaw seriously as after they passed it, it was relatively clear that they would not enforce it. Thus the snow angels came to be.

I will be curious next winter to see if the new neighbourhoods that will have a private contractor servicing their areas fare better than those of us in existing areas with city servicing.

Let the race begin. We have in running the city services, private contractors and Mother Nature. Place your bets.

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  1. I also didn't get the impression administration got the message from the public. Their immediate answer was to ask for more money. No mention of doing a review of how they actually tackle major storms. I see this as just an easy way to ask for more money out of my pocket without any tangible results. If the money is only going to be spent when the need arises (6" plus) snow falls. What will happen in those years when the money isn't needed. It undoubtedly will be put in a reserve to be raided at a later date by some senior admin trying to justify the need for spending in other areas. We have all seen this happen before. I would assume most of the public want an actual audit of how this service is operating and bring suggestions that will save us from padding a few private contractors. Will overtime be outlawed during snow times? Will they actually enforce the parking bands? Will vehicles be towed at considerable owners expense? We need answers but it doesn't look like City Council is interested in getting any. Chalk up to another good job by the admin to get more money of the citizens of Saskatoon. APPARENTLY WE ASKED FOR IT!!!


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