Thursday, March 4, 2010

Modern Gladiators

I love the the quirkiness of Saskatchewan people - most of the time. I don't know if we are suffering an Olympic hangover or whether the recent balmy weather has turned the locals balmy.

We have all three levels of government sending messages of budget woes. The public is anxious about changes to the status quo. Then comes the million dollar study on $430 million (plus or minus) stadium and euphoria reigns. Not to be outdone the Independent First Nations of Saskatchewan (IFNS) throws their mega plan into the mix (SP Mar. 4/10). I don't know the relationship between the IFNS and the FSIN or why Regina would want two Vegas style casinos but I do know the difference between wants and needs. I'm not sure how many others in this province do.

Centuries back the Romans built the coliseum to entertain and control the masses. Favorite spectator sports were the gladiators and the Christians/lions. Fortunately we don't have any lions and the Christians have moved south of the border to run the Republican Party. We are left with the gladiators. I'm betting on the IFNS.

There is a difference between quirky and crazy.


  1. Well Mistress if all of Friday's news reports hold true it appears the IFNS proposal was built with a deck of cards. Fitting for a Casino based group.

    Their proposal appears to be more about gaining total control of the casino gaming then about an investment in this Province.

    I'm in full favor of getting this stadium built just as I would be for building any number of other infrastructure projects a growing province needs sooner then later.

    The difference with this proposal and many of the other Publicly funded projects is this one actually has the potential for making a profit each year, unlike roads,schools or even hospitals which end up being continual drains on the public purse.

    Investing in Saskatchewan when others won't is exactly what our Governments have been doing for years. If they hadn't we wouldn't have SaskTel, SaskPower, SaskEnergy and even those money losing entities like SaskTransportCo and SPUDCO! I don't use the bus I have no need for it but I continue to fund it with my tax dollar every year. All I'm asking for is the government to throw some money into something I can enjoy and my children can enjoy. I haven't run the numbers but I am sure the 450 mil number is nothing close to the amount our Governments have lost over the years in ill fated other ventures.

    And if the stadium falls on it's face we could always use it to store all those Potatoes the NDP want us to believe in.

    BTW I got a note from my Dr. and he says I"M NOT CRAZY!

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  3. That was a rather mean spirited comment. It is one thing to criticize people's politics, it is a whole other thing to take things that personal. Anon you have some big issues to sort out, I don't care how much you disagree with someone's views to publicly bash them like that signifies some deep down mental issues. Seek help.

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