Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gone but not forgotten

We are definitely gearing up for a new city council in 2012. Two sitting councillors have already served notice to voters that council is not in their future as they reach for the Golden ring. Wyant wants to play in Regina and Hill hears the siren beckoning from Ottawa. Even if they are unsuccessful in attaining their goals, a strong opponent can make a case that council is nothing more than a stepping stone for each. Add to this the likelihood that at least two, if not three, of the current councillors will take a run at the Mayor.

If Wyant is successful will he be vying for the Justice portfolio? Where would Morgan then go. Education most likely given his past interest in the field as a school board chair. Then again, Wyant has that same background.

If Hill winds up on the Hill he will simply fill a chair.

Start scanning the council gallery for regular attendees to check out future contenders for those tiaras.


  1. Not to mention that both Neault and Heidt repeated throughout the last election that this is their last term.

    I would be surprised if Penner runs again, especially if we goto 4 year terms as planned by the Provincial Government.

    So that would mean at least 4 open seats (I'm assuming Wyant will win in 2011)...a pretty big change.

    I'm curious who you think will run for Mayor Mistress!?

  2. Running for mayor will be Dubois, Paulsen, Atchison, and Pringle - with Paulsen winning it.

  3. At present I am guessing Lorje and Paulsen will give it a try. It a long road ahead and I am not convinced we have a clear winner, nor am I convinced that Atch will lose - but he will have a battle. Then there is always the possibility of an outside contender that isn't tainted by the tax and spend history of sitting councillors.

    Watch how the vote goes on the sale of the property on River Landing. I'm guessing 7-4 split. Those wanting to cut loose from the herd will be on the 4 side.

    The worrisome thing is that the NDP will run a slate and push hard to control council. Then we are back in the hinterland.

  4. 9:43 Anon here again:

    I've heard Pringle and Atch, but nobody else yet. I'd put my money on Paulsen before Lorje on who might step up from Council.

    I think Lake Placid will go 8/2 or possibly 7/3, maybe we should start a pool!

    I wouldn't worry about any "slate"...the NDP is too disorganized/afraid to get involved in civic politics.

    Of course, that doesn't preclude candidates who happen to be NDPers from seeking help from fellow NDPers, but that isn't the NDP running a slate.

    It's the same as the Sask Party backing a few candidates during the last election. No direct support from the party proper, but support from individuals who happen to be Sask Party'ers.

    Given how the current council spends, I don't think we could do much worse with either with more NDPers or Sask Partyers.

  5. I agreed Anon 9:43 .....errr do I mean Anon 12:54?

    Enough of the party politics in municipal affairs. Both Sask Party and NDP have an agenda to push which is best left out of civic affairs.

    Plus it is nice to have a level disconnect between all levels of government.

    Placid will go down as 7-3 in my opinion, and after the vote we'll have a better idea of who has grand plans of booting the Atch from his royal throne.

    The only thing certain right now is the incumbent will not have my vote come next election.

  6. Your math adds up to 10 and there are 11 votes on our City Council. However, I bet someone is mysteriously sick or out of town in order to miss the vote.

    The remote chance that all 11 are there it will be 9/2.

  7. does the mayor vote? I thought he only does in the event of tie?

  8. Interesting there is a buzz that Tiff will run for the Sask Party nomination in Sutherland since Schriemer has said she is not running again??

  9. Hopefully she does not pick Sutherland becuase she will not beat Ryan Meili. The Sask Party should put her somewhere where they really need her like Meewassin. Unlike Roger Parent - she would win the seat for SP.

  10. I would like to apologize to everyone for making it possible for Tiffany to become a councillor. Years ago I wanted to run but could not afford the filing fee. Had I been able to afford it, I would have been the only person to apply before the deadline. As it happened, no one applied before the deadline, and the deadline was extended. That's when TP entered.

    If not for the want of a few dollars, and a hungry infant, Tiffany would never have been elected (that first time anyway), and would have faced an encumbent the next election.

    Damn butterfly effect.

  11. LOL – a “never-been” commenting on the blog page of a “has-been”

  12. Is that supposed to be some sort of insult?

  13. Simply stated - who cares if you were going to run!

    Compare your community contributions from the last 9 years to those of Tiffany Paulsen.

    Very easy to hide behind excuses! Step up in 2012 - or shut up!


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