Friday, June 11, 2010

To be or not to be . . .

As a follow-up to yesterday's scintillating post, and after reading columnists Gormley and Mandrk in today's paper (SP June 11/10) I am more inclined to believe Kinsella than Apps about the backroom discussions on a merge of the two parties. If the next federal election is a status quo outcome, and if the Liberals don't locate their Messiah, I do think there will be a party merge. Years back I couldn't believe small-c Conservatives would support a merge with large-C conservatives rooted to the Reform Party. The desire to defeat the Liberals and form a conservative government convinced many small-c conservatives to hold their noses and support new party.

So perhaps down the road we will have a Liberal Social Democrat (LSD) party and we can all hallucinate on how much better off we will be in Saskatchewan under this regime.

The sun is supposed to shine this weekend, so have a great one.

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