Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I won't be buying a lottery ticket

In my betting pool most were speculating on 8-3 vote for the River Landing sale (SP June 15/10) and a few of us put in 7-4. No one wins - except for the taxpayers. What surprised me most is that neither dissenter used the land value as a reason for their "no" vote. My guess is that it sets the market rate for the eco-village people should they ever get their act together.

The next challenge is the Whitewater project. If I were to bet again, I would place a safe "yes" vote that it is going to happen simply because they can tie it to the power generation initiative. Any public concerns relating to the environment, safety or financial prudence be damned. What is the MVA's position on this?

Finally, although I don't always agree with the Mayor, I do give him credit for his tenacity. He set out to re-do the riverbank and build a South Bridge and he has accomplished both goals. He has left his mark and made his place in Saskatoon's history.


  1. I could care less about the whitewater part. But the hydro facility should have been built decades ago.

  2. So maybe we need to look at this issue as what benefits does it pose and do they out weigh the risks.

    The weir - MAN MADE OBJECT
    Meewasin Trail and Cameco over look - MAN MADE OBJECT
    Diefenbaker Dam - MAN MADE OBJECT

    PELICANS - MAN MADE OBJECT -ooops unless you think GOD is a woman. I know I am heading south when I die for that one.

    Lets look at those Pelicans and how this development will "Change them FOREVER"

    I remember a time when I was knee high to a grasshopper and would go down to the river with my folks and watch the water run over the weir. And no there weren't any Pelicans in sight at any time. Now some many years later I can walk right next to the weir even get into the water and fish right along side the Pelicans. So what has changed?? Somehow at some time a breeding pair decided they would squat on the river's sand bars and make it their summer home. Did they ask our permission?? did they ask for special treatment of river conditions?? did they complain while the walkway was being rebuilt?? No not once. The river these days is higher than one can remember in recent times and yet still the Pelicans hang around and fish the waters of the Sask.

    Now as far as the Man Made Object getting a face lift. It is about time we take pride in this marvel of engineering that has stood the test of time far better than the traffic bridge which is now under debate on its viability and will cost taxpayers millions. Even though there are warnings of the danger, it is hard to remember if there has every been a fatality directly contributed to the weir. If the white water park and associated buildings enhance the river experience I'm all for it. I am positive the Pelicans will only thank us for doing the upgrade of their property. Now if I could only get the city to cut the weeds on their property we could all live harmoniously.

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  4. Well the last time I checked man was "MADE" the first time they set eyes on the opposite sex.


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