Monday, June 21, 2010

Pick a pocket

The SP (June 19/10) reported that the proposed Children's Hospital is over budget and now at $218 million. I thought the government simply set aside $200 million as an approximate amount rather than a set figure. However, I expect the dollar figure will rise as the plans progress. And the public-at-large will gasp at the cost.

Then I recalled the proposed new stadium had a suggested price tag of $400 million. Now this expenditure seemed to garner public excitement. And of course we heard that each level of government would contribute, so that makes this expenditure palatable.

I guess most can't figure out that regardless of whether the tax dollars come from your left, right or back pocket, it is still your pocket that is being picked.


  1. Given how badly this government has managed the provinces finances taxpayers will be paying left and right to make up for their incompetence.

  2. I wasn't clear about my intent on this post. Its about priorities. What's more important - a children's health centre or a football stadium?


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