Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who do you believe?

An article in today's SP (June 10/10) states that Liberals deny the rumour of a merger between the federal Liberals and NDP. Liberal leader Ignatieff doesn't outright deny the rumour but says its ridiculous and chants the "I am a Liberal" mantra. He does so with now Liberal MP Bob Rae, a former NDP Premier and die hard, looking over his shoulder in the published photo.

Warren Kinsella, a high level insider Liberal, issues an affidavit blowing the whistle on the merger discussions. It should be noted that affidavits are documents sworn under oath. On the other hand, alleged participant to the merger discussions and party president, Alfred Apps, denies Kinsella's comments through an email statement.

Off on the sideline is Layton licking the cream of his whiskers and toying with his abacus as he tallies up his future general election votes. He neither denies nor confirms the rumour.

It all reminds me of a scene from the old movie 'Chinatown' when Faye Dunaway does the "its my sister, its my daughter, its my sister" monologue when confessing to incest. Connect the dots.

Conspiracy buffs can have a field day with this drama.

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