Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some alarm bells are ringing as a result to lack of increased spending in health care. The Health Quality Council seems to think not much has improved over the last three years, but nor has it deteriorated. Most of the Council's concerns seem to relate to communications and access to records.

NDP Health Critic Junor however seems to promote the doomsday theory, although Chief Medical Officer Dr. Neudorf isn't jumping on this bandwagon. As always, any changes or new ways of doing business, according to Junor, create the slippery slope to privatization of health care. Hmmm - isn't health care a federal program mandated to the provinces? No one is privatizing health care.

The litmus test here is Rosalee Longmoore, president of the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses. Her major concern seems to be that nurses will suffer reduced income as a result of working fewer hours. I assume she is speaking of the overtime income because the nursing hours cut seem to be in those providing services in planning, training and policy development.

If the status quo is not an option, then I think we should give the government a chance to prove whether or not these efficiencies will have a positive effect on our system. If nothing else I applaud them or trying. Moving forward doesn't mean you can't step back if necessary.

I'm trying something brand new in my life. Never did it before. I'm taking an EDO tomorrow. We'll chat on Monday.

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