Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Break the bubble

It is hard to believe in today's cyber world that legislation exists banning news in a community during a by-election (SP Sept. 29/10). Better yet, that information via political advertisements cannot be aired during an election which state comments made by an elected officials if those statements are made in the legislature. It appears that voters should cast their vote without having access to information which may determine how they vote. Regardless of where the elected official made the comment, that politician should either stand by the comment or publicly withdraw the same. They should not have immunity from their comments or actions during a political campaign, either in a general or by-election.

On the other hand the Saskatchewan unions can play advertisements implying this is "their Saskatchewan" - or at least it was until the Sask Party took the helm. And certainly this advertisement makes it clear that the unions want no change to their Saskatchewan. I'm not sure where this leaves the rest of Saskatchewan residents.

I would agree that new programs or major capital announcements should not be made during a general election. But the idea that government should halt, or limit the flow of information during a by-election, flies in the face of transparency that seems to be the buzz in today's political world.

The by-election in Saskatoon Northwest will set the tone for the general election in November of 2011. Perhaps we should have exit polls and the results should be analyzed to see the effects the censorship.

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  1. My Saskatchewan includes the unions. Hell we need someone to kick around for the next 20 yrs.


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