Monday, September 13, 2010

Not a time to ponder or pander

I spent some time this morning on the phone with a friend in BC who has MS. She is scheduled to go to Burgaria for the liberation surgery this winter and was curious as to what is happening in Saskatchewan and whether we would be offering the surgery here. She's even willing to pay her money here rather than to a foreign nation and certainly the travel would be easier within Canada.

I applaud Wall for stating that Saskatchewan would fund the clinical trials for MS. Although I know there has been opposition from the Canadian Medical community to these trials, we should remember that many in the medical community opposed medicare when that flag was flown. Saskatchewan has a history of leading new medical procedures and I hope Premier Wall will not be dissuaded or delayed in proceeding with the trials. We have too many citizens that are afflicted with MS and more than happy to take the risk. Its their chance to possibly cure or hold in remission a wasting disease and early demise.

If Canadian doctors don't want to participate, then fund these victims to go south or the border or elsewhere for the procedure.

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