Friday, September 17, 2010

I just don't get it

All the controversy around the gun registry is lost on me. We register everything else we own - our homes, cars, boats, planes - hell, we even register our kids. Businesses, including farmers, register all other equipment if for no other reason than insurance. Why should potentially deadly weapons not be included?

Police chiefs across the nation say the gun registry aids law enforcement. Simply saying that criminals don't register guns so why should the good guys have to, is lame. So many homicides are committed by people known to the victims and/or relate to domestic violence. I think its good for the police to know whether or not guns may be present when going into a situations. And it offends me that the American NRA is lobbying in Canada on their 'right to bear arms' mantra.

I would agree that the cost of the registry was outrageous, but that money has already been spent and can't be recovered. As for the ongoing costs, like everything else that is mandated to be registered, let the owners of the item bear the cost.

I hope our MPs will get on to more pressing business of the nation and put this to rest.

Blast away.

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  1. If only it was that simple. The "Gun Registry" is used far differently than just registering your farm equipment for insurance purposes. I would bet most gun owners even have them listed on their insurance as they are expensive. What galls me the most are the Police Chiefs and anyone else that would believe the registry does anything to protect the general public. The registry can not and will not prevent one tragedy. It can't foretell how someone will use a long gun. And I would suspect any good officer is not going into a domestic dispute any differently whether a registry says there is "potentially" a gun present or not they must treat every contact the same as their lives are on the line. I do agree this shouldn't be a big issue but it is because of the potential to confiscate these weapons on mass this is one reason that people are against having the registry. Once again lets make it perfectly clear GUNS DON"T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! Even the police say the number one weapon of choice in violence are knives. What's next I am going to have to open my kitchen drawer and register each one of those too. The registry was a make work project by the Liberals and to this day every dollar spent on it is wasted. We have more important things to waste our money on. Like the new Entertainment centre in Regina. Guns out!


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