Tuesday, September 14, 2010


On the front page of today's SP (Sept. 14/10) there is an article on the ongoing dream (or nightmare, depending on your position) to the build a domed stadium in Regina. The article implies conflicting expectations of the Federal government with respect to tax dollar funding for this project and Minister Cheveldayoff thinks 25% would be a responsible and reasonable amount, although it appears there is no fixed dollar amount on the project.

Just below this Field of Dreams report is the article about a 94 year old woman, suffering some dementia, who was picked up wandering on the highway at night. She should be in a full care nursing home where she would be cared for around the clock. There is no space for this woman in a care home and in fact many like her are housed in hospitals waiting for the same space to open up. We have a recognized need for care homes for the elderly.

Methinks we have some skewed priorities. Should we be providing an appropriate home for Granny or Gainer the Gopher?

And I bid you adieu without commenting on the Riders hot and cold performances.


  1. I think the idea of a domed stadium anywhere in Saskatchewan is just plain stupid! What?, the Riders play 10-12 home games a year, maybe the UofR will play 4-5 more, juniors another 4-5 and maybe 7 or 8 major concerts (i think that would be generous). That's like a total of 25-30 event days a year throw in a few religous crusades and you stretch it to 28-32. For $450,000,000. That's $450 for every man, women and child in Saskatchewan or more in perspective a couple thousand for every tax paying person in the province. Healthcare, education, senior care and oh I don't know maybe tax relief should all be ahead of a domed stadium that 90% of the citizens of the province will never see the inside of! We have gone from the tax and spend NDP buying the votes of a lot of us with our own money to the tax and overspend Sask Party buying the votes of a few of us with our money. It's getting harder to tell the difference between them all the time.

  2. Just like Bruce Power and their nuclear power plant, if it was financialy viable they wouldn't be begging the taxpayer for assistance. They would have a lineup of private investors with money knocking on their doors.

  3. YADDA YADDA YADDA, Why is it that the Government can build SaskPower/Saskenergy/SaskTel into huge mega monopolies that turn around and spend billions on supporting "cultural and sporting" events and projects and we never hear any complaints. But you negative folk don't want to see a penny "INVESTED" into Regina for the purpose of developing a unique entertainment facility.

    This "we shouldn't do it because the Riders will only use it for a fraction of the time" comment has time and again been debunked as the only reason for building such a facility. If you took the time to read what the scope would be for user groups you would realize a project of this size in Saskatchewan could only get off the ground with Government help.

    If you've never spent a penny on something frivolous just to make yourself feel good I can understand why you wouldn't want to see this happen. It is a project that will undoubtedly put Saskatchewan and it's residence on the map and over time become something tangible we can all take pride in.

    As for helping those less fortunate soles in health care or on the streets.. Yes more needs to be done but those bottomless pits will be with us forever no matter how much money is wasted on programs and facilities it will never be eliminated nor enough done to satisfy the Saskawhiners

  4. As for helping those less fortunate soles in health care or on the streets.. Yes more needs to be done but those bottomless pits will be with us forever no matter how much money is wasted on programs?
    How is ^ a waste?

    And the Government helping get this off the ground? What we can do a domes stadium but we can't keep our potash mine?


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