Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Taste of Saskatchewan

political campaigns to come is in the making. And no seat is a safe seat. Candidate Dyky threw the first salvo by trying to tie Wyant to LeClerc, although in her preamble she stated she didn't plan to focus on the LeClerc controversy. This would be the first of many disingenuous comments that will made during this campaign say I. Wyant responded with his traditional lawyerly "innocent until proven guilty" mantra although he knows that is only true in a court room not in the a political forum. The closer truth would be that Wyant is tied to pretty much every politician he can access.

I know Wyant is taking this seriously - he got a hair cut - in fact he got all of them cut. Dyky should have followed suit. Although appearances may be deceiving they do tend to impress the voter.

Lingenfelter has decades of campaigns under his belt and I think this is where we will see his skill come to roost. Wall, also well-seasoned politically, may not be as ruthless as Lingenfelter and has more to lose and much to defend. It will be interesting to see which persona is appealing to today's voter.

As a result of my few forays into the racing world, I know you're supposed to place your bet before the gate breaks. But I have a few quirky betting criteria. I like to bet the long shots, gray horses and any horse that poops just prior to the race while being paraded. (The latter criterion seems to be the only one that really works.) I missed yesterday's parade.

The race is on and it looks like . . . .


  1. And the Progressive Conservative party is back and wanting to get their money back!

  2. I bet one of them will take a doozy of a poop during the campaign. Let's elect Mr, Wyant and get a least some change on council and then dump his sorry ass in the general election in November 2011.


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