Monday, September 27, 2010

Not in Saskatchewan

Saturday's SP (Sept. 25/10) contains an article regarding national polling wherein the Federal NDP are tied with the Green Party for voter support. John Wright of Ipsos Reid states that we are really into a two-party race now - Liberals vs. Conservatives.

We have a problem here in good old Saskatchewan. The Liberals appear to have disappeared from our landscape. Who is the Liberals candidate in the current by-election? Who is the Liberal leader?

I always felt in any election, if I didn't have a candidate that I could support, that I could always simply exercise my franchise and throw my vote at the Greens knowing it could do no harm. That may not be the case now. I expect the NDP will now have the Green leaders on speed dial and proposing a coalition of some sort. The Greens should remember how well that scenario worked for Jim Melenchuk and the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan.


  1. It is so great to be present for the demise of the NDP party as we know it in Saskatchewan. NDPers are only bred. Not many people who gre up non-NDP end up becoming NDP.

    Finally, with the province seeing an increase in population the NDPs death grip being loosened. Pleeeease let the Sask Party maintain control for one more election, which should be enough time to attract enough new residents to ensure the communists never get in again.

    I can hardly wait for the day when I'll be able stroll around this fine province without worry of seeing those union loving labourers in power.

  2. Too bad the Saskatchewan party saw a 20% drop in the latest Rawlco Radio poll and thats coming from an organization which donates solely to the Saskatchewan party.

  3. Too bad come election time the NDP will be facing the same problems: old party warhorse more interested in slinging mud than to appealing to the younger voters of the province who are gaining power. That's the beauty of the population swing.

    The NDPs entire voter base is slowly dying off, and they can't breed new ones fast enough. Hopefully the NDP can find some more supporters to scare older people into thinking they will lose medicare and then drive them to the polling stations and tell them to vote NDP. Real classy moves.


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