Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Polled out

I finally caught up on my SP reading over the weekend. I was stunned by the poll on the proposed PCS takeover (SP Aug. 27/10). Do the good folks of Saskatchewan live in a vacuum? 23% still think PCS is a Crown?

I was pleased to hear that the provincial government was looking for outside advice via the Conference Board of Canada on the impact to the province on any takeover of PCS (Sept. 3/10). Then I read Lingenfelter's comment (SP Spt. 3/10) that seeking outside advice was "wrong-headed" and that Wall's government should be speaking to the local people about the issue. Would he mean the 23% who still think PCS is a Crown corporation? Or those who still think PCS is Saskatchewan or Canadian owned and want to keep it that way and don't know that 70% of the shares are not Canadian owned? I'll take the outside advice from people who know what they are talking about.

What I am curious about is how many Saskatchewan residents have an interest in PCS via their group pension plan holdings and don't realize it. Would they want to see the pension trustees selling PCS stock while at a high value which would benefit them or risk having the stock fall in price to their detriment?

I'm going to deviate from my usual "buy high and sell low" activities and dump my paltry shares while the dumping is good. Needless to say, I am my own pension trustee.


  1. I wounder if all those people that think PCS is Sask owned realize the brain washing job the NDP have done on them for years. So just ask yourself what else did they tell you that isn't true. Wait I guess most have because the NDP got kicked out in the last election. Shows they aren't all so gullible.

  2. Unfortunately, the people of the province are the ones who are gullible- they are letting the PCS take advantage of them. We aren't getting the value that we deserve from our potash reserves and we aren't making the company accountable. There is legislation in place that says the head office has to be in Sask and the CEO has to live here. Neither the NDP or the Sask Party have lifted a finger to make the company give us whatis rightfully ours. That's how we became a "have not' prov in the first place. If we don't expect better from our politicians we'll end up there again.


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