Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Laughter is good for the soul . .

Pat Lorje's political longevity can do doubt be attributed to her sense of humour and bombastic comments. In today's SP (Sept. 8/10) her comment in defence of the City's maintenance of the Traffic Bridge she says: "Nobody would ever buy a car and assume that nothing would ever go wrong with the car and call for a public inquiry because their brakes failed." The Toyota corporation needs this woman. On the other hand most intelligent people have a mechanic check a used car prior to purchase and rely on the mechanic's report to flag any deficiencies before investing money in the vehicle. Hmmm. I question the car/bridge analogy, but it did give me chuckle to start my day.

As to the traffic under the Traffic Bridge I was pleased to learn that buoys will be placed to direct boat traffic through the safest path under the bridge and redirecting pedestrian traffic on the east side of the bridge. Does that mean that the roadway under the Traffic Bridge is safe to use?

Confession is also good for the soul. Since the formation of the Saskatchewan Party the NDP have always referred to that entity as the Sask-a-Tories and attempted to tie it to the Devine Progressive Conservatives. I guess the cartoon featured in today's SP is a way of confessing that in fact the Sask Party is not what they claimed it to be when they state: "Wall is accused to making off with $3 million that belongs to another political party - the Progressive Conservatives." Its good to have the record corrected.

So I confess I laughed and my soul is in tact.


  1. Pat is willing to offer everyone that sat on council for the last 30 years the benefit of the doubt when it comes to making good decisions about the traffic bridge's demise. I guess we could go back as far as those idiots that decided to make a bridge out of steel in a climate that has as many differing elements as ours. If they had only used stainless we wouldn't be discussing the rust problems.

    My main concern is that, we as a city, will go through the next few months listening to a few select people as to what should now happen. The open house model the City has started on does nothing to get the true aspect of what the city as a whole want. What ever happened to Councilors making their decision and living with the consequences at the polls. Now it seems they need to explore all the options even when the outcome is out of their control or already decided. Knock this baby down starting this winter when the river is frozen and get started on a modern bridge that will enhance traffic flow, pedestrian and vehicular. Saving heritage is easy when it's not coming out of your pocket.

  2. Pat is delusional. Her comments basically are saying that no one could of seen this coming and that no one is to blame....please Pat get real.

    As for what to do, hopefully the powers that be see what a mess it has become to lose this bridge for an extended period of time. The traffic flow downtown, with the freeway also down, is horrendous. Anyone who thinks this should be converted to a pedestrian or cyclists bridge now is an idiot. Why are these ideas not being put to rest? If we the public, as a compromise, wants to spend excessive amounts and build a tribute bridge then so be it, spend the money. But make sure motor vehicles can travel it.

    Oh and make sure to fire that incompetent twit Mike Gutek. Never have I heard a more useless person speak from City Hall, excuse after excuse after excuse. Good thing him and his staff have NEVER made a mistake or done anything to contribute to the problem or we'd all be in trouble.

  3. Anon 3:28 - WELL SAID!

  4. Would a confession from Wall on the 3 million dollar trust fund not be important for Saskatchewan democracy?


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