Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The gifting season

I believed if anyone could pull off a hotel/condo/retail complex on River Landing, it would be Kay Nasser - and the zoning changes made it a reality (SP Nov. 22/11.) My only question is, were was the Meewasin Valley Authority in all of this?

A half dozen years ago the MVA placed every obstacle possible to prevent this type of development. They have control over the riverbank and exercised that control at every turn. Now there is nary a peep. Have the Friends of the Gathercole, champions of the public access to the riverbank, died or just moved Nirvana to a new site?

Maybe its just the spirit of giving that moved Council, the MVA and the Friends to deliver the gifts of the Magi to these developers.

Does anyone know if the vote was unanimous?


  1. Mistress,

    It was unanimous last night. A few questions on the public square by Dubois, Hill, Clark, and Lorje.

  2. Quite frankly they all looked like deer in the headlights. If they had blinked last night Mr. Nassar, Mr. Leier and Tonko would have walked and the grassy knoll would have gone undeveloped for decades which might have been OK for Comrade Clark but not the majority of his constituants.

  3. "Comrade Clark" voted in favour of the zoning amendments and, though he had some questions, spoke quite favourably last night.

  4. Council just needs to delay the decision making a little longer until the defeated and tired ex-MLA NDP's all start running for City Councils around the province (happened after Devine election and will happen again with these career 'public servants').

    Hold the development up long enough then Comrade Atkinson and her band of communists can build a large cement pad with a 40 foot statue of Tommy Douglas that we can all go kneel and bow to on Sundays.

    The new 'red square' will all be publicly owned and there will be no revenue generated from the prime river front value that belongs to ALL THE PEOPLE OF SASKATCHEWAN, future occupiers will be welcome to set up shop there.

  5. "Does anyone know if the vote was unanimous?"

    You would know had you bothered to flip over from Wheel of Fortune to watch the debate.

    Keep reading those SP articles, Elaine!

  6. The comrade references are getting a tad old. Would be nice if the folks posting on here could carry on a discussion with some level of maturity & intellegence.

  7. Back to the Mistress's question. Where was the MVA?? How about the fact when Remai wanted changes to make a go of it years ago. Is there possibly some recourse for damages. This council just flip-flopped on the biggest development in the city.

    I don't have a problem with the development getting these approvals what pisses me off is the two faced bunch of hypocrites we've elected.

  8. Anon 11:49,

    They are beyond desperate right now trying to do anything they can to save their jobs next election.

    You can't trust a single one of them to make a decision in the best interest of Saskatoon, it is all self serving decision making for themselves. That's about only way to explain the about face flip flop they pulled off, and continue to pull off on numerous other issues.

  9. Anon 11:14
    I apppologize if the Commrade reference affends you Marxist lefty leanings. I for one will discontinue using the term to preserve your sensitivities.

  10. What gets me is that Susan Lamb and her cronies take millions of dollars from tax payers every year. She stands on her soap box expounding on the virtues of the MVA in protecting the river and when push comes to shove she slithers back into her hole not to be heard from. Not that I would have expected anything else from someone who supported the Occupy Saskatoon's move to Gabriel Demount Park.

  11. You better ask the Mistress about the Remai project. It was her council that denied the amendments.

  12. The left is no different than the right in that they easily lay down and bow to their politically leaning superiors.

    It's funny that people on left criticize the right for being corporate shills, when for the most part being a corporate shill has nothing to do political ideology but rather being spineless.

    What we say from the MVA was spineless, they basically opposed anything until their 'friends' got in a position to make a killing on the deal then all of a sudden as put earlier they slithered away.

    It's all about who wants what, if you can politically align yourself with the right candidates you can get them bend over their constituency and let them have it. Good times in Saskatoon.

    At least MVA has given us cause to now sluff off with a grain of salt an 'concerns' they raise in the future. What a bunch of sell outs.

  13. "You better ask the Mistress about the Remai project. It was her council that denied the amendments."


    As someone so knowledgeable about municipal politics how did the Mistress vote on the Remai project? What was her position?

    AS you know, often the minority is muzzled and idiots who post anonymously on blogs like to mislead the facts to imply something.

    Is your comment that the Mistress opposed the Remai project? Please provide details for stating such.

  14. Did the "Remai" project ever ask for any amendments? Just a question that you might want to research before you answer.

  15. "idiots who post anonymously on blogs like to mislead the facts to imply something."

    - Posted by Anonymous @ 1:19PM

  16. Anon 2:08
    Are you off your meds again?

  17. Anonymous 11:00 a.m. Your presumption that I am a lefty could not be further from the truth. Not that I hold any disdain towards the left. We all have a right to our views & immature name calling does nothing to foster good discussion of the issues. If you want your views heard, perhaps you should try to formulate your opinions ni a more intectually mature manner. Otherwise, you are dismissed a just another wacko.

  18. I recall when Remai was involved they were given no control over so many items that she walked away indicating the restrictions would make it impossible to be profitable.

    Not sure she did any public request but being that the discussions went on for some time I am sure being the shrewd business person she is she would have gotten a good indication of acceptance by council to changes.

    I do find it funny that the parking issue appears to be the one item no one wants to comment on. With an expanded building area it was interested to hear they are cutting back on the amount of parking. Guess those fines will be going higher after all.

  19. Anon 2:37:

    'Inability To Spot Deception, Irony, Lies, Or Sarcasm Might Be Initial Sign Of Dementia' - read more:

  20. Anon 11:00 - If I watched Wheel of Fortune it would be a step up from watching a full Council meeting. I tape it and fast forward to the items I'm interested in.

    Anon 1:06 - I voted for the project and for the sale of land to Remai. Remai was the one the decided it wasn't viable given the MVAs DCD guidelines and at that time the MVA wouldn't budge from the zoning.

    I'm not opposed to Council's decision, I'm just amazed that as Council makeup becomes increasingly more left of centre the opposition to many previously opposed projects disappears.

  21. All; Anon 1:30 here;
    With all the prattle on here I go with the Mistress on this one the "Remai" project never asked for mods

  22. The MVA is a bunch of left leaning self serving individuals who do nothing but cater to their left leaning friends and object to anything being advanced by someone not deemed a friend of the left.

    It's sad when MVA gets as political as it has.


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