Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Giveth and taketh

IF you are going downtown you are so much better off parking in a parking lot than at a meter. The parking rates are the same and should you be ten minutes late getting back to your car you will only pay a buck or two for the delay rather than a $10 fine - soon to be a $20 fine (SP Nov. 15/11.). As for the complaints from businesses on employees parking at meters, I'd like to hear their reaction when they can't get part-time employees at minimum wage.

But what comes in must go out. According to the news report the new revenue generated from increased parking fines will go to pay for security to protect shoppers from the downtown panhandlers. Frankly, these folks don't bother me that much - or at least not as much as the parking charges. But these two issues alone beg the question - why does anyone bother to go downtown?

Councillor Paulsen states she doesn't have a problem increasing the fine because it only applies to those who breach the bylaw. But the Occupy Saskatoon group were breaching a city bylaw for weeks without penalty from the city. Will the Commissionaires be as generous with those felons using expired meters?

For me, the irony is recalling a complaint I received, while sitting on council, about a certain City Councillor that parked daily in front of his/her place of business using his/her free city parking pass.

People in glass houses . . . .


  1. Mistress,
    I think by the lack of interest on this page the last couple days it appears many have gotten tired of all the politics that has happened over the last couple of weeks.

    Not that the topics aren't interesting I for one don't really care what this council does over the next year. It will only make kicking them to the curb next fall all the more easier.

  2. Speak for yourself Anon 8:40

    I still routinely visit, and enjoy the different perspective of the Mistress. Her tending to be right leaning, our council more left leaning.

    I'm glad we're done with provincial politics and can now return to municipal. There are numerous sites dedicated to provincial politics and this is one of the very few that blogs on municipal happenings.

  3. Dear Mistress;
    There are a couple of flaws in your logic/ info;
    1. No one in their right mind who is making minimum wage should drive to work and pay $2.00/hr for parking!
    2. The increase in the fines will not go to pay the Community Support Officers that will be financed by $.25 from parking fees at meters.
    3. You of all people should understand that parking is at a premium downtown and certain things need to be done to encourage rotation, if $2.00/hr won't than larger fines for expired meter or oversaying in a stall need to be established. Any increase will effect only a small percent of parkers.


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