Friday, November 25, 2011

A team player?

Councillor Ann Iwanchuk is a quick study. After a month on the job her contribution to the budget debate is "We have cut and cut and cut as much as we can and I don't think there's room to reduce the city portion of the budget." (SP Nov. 25/22.) She followed up with saying the police portion of the budget is the only area she can see with room to move down.

Ironic statements since her campaign platform included beefing up policing for her ward and roadway repair and maintenance. The roadway budget comes no way near to what an earlier administrative report indicated the city would need to rehabilitate our streets.

Perhaps she didn't get a chance to examine the capital expenditures.


  1. This is the same Council that had everyone say the same thing after days of sitting there cutting programs. There is just nothing else to cut.

    It was two months later that the announcement was made to delay the New2U program (brainchild and pet project of Darren Hill). This 'junior achievement' type of program consisted of $25,000 (I'm guessing for advertising?) to promote the program which essentially tells residents to dump their old garbage furniture on the front streets so that other people can come sift through their junk and maybe put it to use.

    So we have a group of Councillors who are at wits end about slashing the budget, cannot find anywhere else to save money and throughout all this the New2U program is sitting there???

    So when Iwanchuk says there is no more cuts that can be made I have to wonder how many more New2U programs and pet projects of the Councillors are there in that budget that they simply don't want to cut for personal selfish reasons.

    This is what happens when you elect a bunch of self absorbed people to the position.

    Junior Achievement would put out a better budget than Darren and his cohorts.

  2. funny how that happens. Much like Councillor Donauer voting for a 4% tax increase a couple weeks after promising not to go above 2.5% or the majority of Council in Nov 2009 voting for a 4.5% increase afte promising to keep it below 2.5% in the just ended civic election...I sense a pattern...

  3. Anon 9:31 here, I will resist the urge to skewer another Councillor. Maybe today's entertainment will be listing all the broken promises and incompetent budgeting from all Councillors regardless of their political leanings.

    Man oh man I can't wait to see the Atch.....

  4. how sweet - anon 9:31 - you have nothing to offer except your admiration of hill! call him up!

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  6. anon 9:31 - I give hill 50K a year for what they do with youth - set your politics aside and tell me it is not a good investment! hard to do right! so leave your personal agenda at HOME!

  7. OH MY ANON 9:31 - YOU are an idiot!

  8. Mistress how quick you judge Iwanchuk! Review your history of both your very short term (I repeat short term) on Council and your controversial time as chair of the school board! At the enod 0f the day SPSD would be better off have you not been involved!

  9. lolololol - it seems the Mistress is tired of bashing "Comrade Clark" for kicking her ass to the curb, she is basing Iwanchuk now! Really Elaine - Shit or get off the pot! Run again or let all of society know that you truly are tired, washed up and as pitiful as the electorate determined you to be in 2006!

  10. this got you far

    obvious people recognized your lazy ass for what it was

  11. These attacks directed at the Mistress are getting so lame. Really wish those Anon posters would stick to the topic. The last time I heard the Mistress was enjoying being on the sidelines looking in.

    Interesting how those of you slamming her record are the same people who will let the current Public school board operate without any form of accountability.

    I guess I'm asking too much from the left to think that when their guy jumps ship and does and about face on tax hikes they would slam them.

    Elaine keep up the good work in bringing these issues to a forum where at least some of us can discuss the topic and not trash the messenger.

  12. Say what you will about the right, but the left has taken over in terms of smearing an opponent on opposite end of the spectrum.

    I don't much like Harper, but the vitriol being spewed by the left against a former politician of the right is amazing. Harper is bad, but the hard core support base of the left on this site are far worse than him.

  13. Anon 206,

    I think all you need to look at it is the polite way the Mistress lays out her arguments and respects those with differing views versus those who come here to insult her with no basis.

    Yup you are right Anons above, the Mistress is so out of line.

    Her critics are really so out to lunch, some are telling her to shut up or run again, others are telling her she's washed up and should disappear.

    Yup good old left wingers pissed about last election out to insult anyone and everyone who doesn't agree with them.


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