Monday, November 7, 2011

Will the people speak?

I have officially "exercised my franchise" in spite of Mother Nature's untimely snow dump. And I am hoping Saskatchewan residents will buck the national trend of low voter turnout.

For those attending gatherings tonight - enjoy. I will be watching the outcome from the comfort of my home with a mix of politicos and either collecting or dispensing loonies - I'm talking dollars of course, not visitors!

My final election comment: Brad Wall has got to get rid of those short-sleeved, buttoned to the neck, nerdy shirts.


  1. Prediction: 46-12, and that's being generous to the NDP.

    Hopeful highlights:
    -Link losing his riding
    -Seeing Yates lose, hopefully lose his mind, maybe attack Big Gene, get beat 2nd time
    -Waving goodbye to Deb Higgins (although I do hope she can slide back into her old job and maintain her tenure)
    -Watching the Yorkton race, regardless of winner
    -Waiting to hear the collective sigh of SGEU personnel as they watch the ship sink despite the millions and millions of dollars from the workers spent on ads
    -Laughing at the Orange Wave losing all momentum in NDP home province.

    Should be a fun night.....

    ....on second thought, 48-10 SP

  2. 50-8
    I was around in April of 1982 and all were predicting the end of the NDP! Didn't believe it then and don't now. Remember 1992 and the Roy Steam Roller. Look for any local NDP MLAs who lose their seat locally reappearing in the Civic election in 2012 How long Link will hang around especially if he loses his seat will be an interesting question. Cam Broten as the leader of the NDP and the opposition would be a good bet. We will all be experts in 8 hours or so and winners should all be congratulated and losers or winners should ALL be thanked for their time and effort in running it is not an easy job. For all the regulars here it has been a hoot following the election on here and make sure you get out and VOTE!

  3. Anon 12:07

    You stole my prediction. 10 seats is a favorable number but there will always be those areas that stay red for at least another couple elections. As the years go by unless the NDP can move closer to the center than they have showing willingness to do so in the past they will continue to see their support dwindle. I wouldn't even put it past the Greens becoming the new Left party. The Liberals well they should just keep their money in their pockets and stop wasting everyone's time thinking they have any ideas worth voting for.

    Thanks to the Mistress for doing a great job of focusing the debate on this site on areas that matter to the public.

    P.S. I don't accept payments in coin only those nice crisp bills

  4. How does one get invited to the Mistress' election party?

    This sounds like something we could sell tickets to?

    Link could be a special guest next election..... Mistress v. Link debate on election night? That's enough to get me to donate some money to charity to witness


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