Friday, November 4, 2011

Leading the flock from the promised land

I'm feeling a little empathy for the die-hard NDP supporters - its hard to watch everything you believe in get routed in an election. But Saskatchewan has always been "next year country" and they will live to fight another battle.

I was surprised to read in Mandryk's column (SP Nov. 4//) that Lingfelter might be in trouble in his own seat. His loss might be the best thing that could happen to the NDP as its appears, from polling, that his leadership is an impediment to his party in this election. Given the limited number of seats they may salvage come Nov. 7, having an elected candidate step aside to run a by-election for an unpopular leader would be folly. They would have to get a new leader for 2016.

I have $12 riding on the election result and my betting does not reflect the most recent poll. There are to many close seats and variables that can affect the outcome, particularly voter turnout. But I've set that cash aside an will pay my debts when the devils' call.


  1. Why on the earth will the NDP be calling you?

  2. wow anon 9:32 that was the funniest line I've read in a long time.

    My bet is that the poll numbers won't hold true on election day but that will depend on the GOTV powers of each party.

    I have read a couple of articles that are a warning cry for the public to side with the NDP saying we need a strong opposition to make sure the SaskParty does the right thing. Well over the last 4 yrs I don't believe there was a "strong" opposition party in play. Sure they had some seats but when you are managing the province the way the people of the province want you to is there really any need for them. if there is a landslide in his second term Wall will know his mandate to stay the coarse is what the people want and won't need the NDP wasting his time in the legislature. Today's social media and instant access to the web and news services is a better watch dog on government than the NDP ever will be. Good bye Link thanks for your participation.

  3. wow, that was completely ignorant of how government works Anon 956. good government is always best served by having a loyal opposition. I don't think a dictatorship (which is exactly what you have just advocated for) is something anyone wants in SK.

  4. Anon 10:27,

    The dictatorship almost sounds better than the disruptive and rude Opposition that the NDP had last sitting.

    Calling the Premiere of the province a thief, having thugs Wotherspoon and Yates heckling insults and trying to intimidate, and Atkinson implying that government is sacrificing lives for money. Yup that is the so called "loyal Opposition".

    If the NDP actually took the role of Opposition seriously instead of sulking and trying everything in their power to sewer what is going on in the province in order to better their chance of getting elected again, then I may agree with you. As long as they continue pouting and disrupting the operation of the province (along with the SGEU) then good riddance. Hopefully it's 58-0.

  5. Anon 10:27

    You are even more ignorant if you don't believe that we have a dictatorship regardless of the opposition numbers. Unless we talk minority governments we are stuck with every decision a majority government makes for the four year term. Sounds like a dictatorship to me. There is no recall legislation.

  6. Frank McKenna (spelling?) won all of the seats in New Brunswick once, he appointed an opposition. I believe they had to sit in the gallery though.

  7. The Premier does have a record of taking taxpayer money for things such as getting booze for Devine cabinet ministers.

  8. Sad thing is this election was over before it started.

    I'm left wanting for a real leader and party that believes in the people of Sask. All its people.

  9. Anon 3:59am,

    Perhaps your comment was a result of drowning your sorrows and blaming your lot in life on others.

    We have exactly what you want in Brad Wall and the SP.

  10. Anon27 get off your self righteous high horse...the Sask Party has done their fair share of hurling insults. The ads depicting Lingenfelter as they have are hardly soft ball politics. Why cant the partisans, NDP and SP, on this site act like mature adults. Support your parties without villifying the others. Its this kind of partisan b.s. that makes the majority of us non partisan...we cant stand the blind loyalty and lack of objectivity that seems to be a part of partisanship.

  11. Just read your column in the Saskatoon Express publication. I had a chuckle reading the article about the difficulty in going to the ballot.....and providing identification. For some reason, this election was a comedy of errors in trying to cast our ballots, even though we were on the voters list, have resided at the same address for over 30 years and had all the required identification. By the time we finished casting our vote, both my husband and I left the polls, shaking our heads, and wondering when and why it became so difficult to "vote".


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