Monday, November 21, 2011

Something old, something new

It was not a surprise that John Nilson was selected as interim leader of the NDP (SP Nov. 21/11.) Immediately following the election one former NDP MLA said to me that they should have gotten rid of Nilson too and allowed the party to renew itself with fresh, young people without baggage from bygone days.

With Nilson declaring that he will not seek the leadership, which of the remaining eight NDP MLAs is the favorite? If the leadership contender is not one of the recently elected, and the leader is selected from the outside, which of the MLAs steps down to allow the new leader to run? Is there a safe NDP seat left?

Saskatchewan is changing and those who are resistant to change will fall by the wayside. The NDP need more than a new leader, they need a policy and platform change. But I'm not sure they can let go of Tommy, Al and Roy and the greatness of what once was.

It brings to mind a quote by J.K. Galbraith: "Few things are as immutable as the addiction of political groups to the ideas by which they once won office."


  1. Don't let it be Wotherspoon. If they elect him it will be a long time before many of the moderates hop back on the NDP train.

    Wotherspoon is like a young Link, nasty little guy.

  2. John Nilson is a fine man and a good safe interum leader as well as the candidate to most likely step aside if the Party chooses a non sitting leader, but you are right is there a safe seat in the province right now when any byelection could mean electing an MLA on the government side, a kind of us to move. The party will with out a doubt move to the left alienate some moderates but reenergize the left and get the voters that couldn't vote for Link, and stayed home, back. I would bet on Cam Broten if he will let his name stand but why would he or anyone else want to be Captain of that ship right now?

  3. Anybody but Cam Broten for his role in backstabbing Ryan Meili.

  4. Anon 2:33
    In political circles even what is clearly "Back Stabbing" is known as political maneuvering. It is much more like pushing women and children aside to get in a life boat. Perfect for a leader of the NDP.

  5. Anon 9:03,

    Backstabbing is not resigned to the NDP. If Peter McKay were ever to gain leadership of the Conservative Party his backstabbing at time of merger would be enough to turn me off of voting for the party.

    What Broten did to Meili was a joke, no way he should be leader.

  6. I did not intend to imply any party had the rights to back stabbing, they ALL have closets full of "political maneurerers"


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