Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just what Saskatchewan needs . . .

. . . another political party (SP Nov. 3/11.) With the merge of the majority of Liberals and Conservatives to form the Sask Party we finally evolved into a two party system where the majority vote would form government. And yes I know there are candidates running under Conservative, Liberal and Green banners but they claim a insignificant portion of the vote and the race is essentially between the NDP and Sask Party.

If I thought for a moment that setting aside a portion of resource revenue would improve the quality of life for both on and off reserve First Nations people I might support it. The FSIN control the majority of Casinos in this province and I believe the intent was to use that revenue to the benefit of First Nations people. I don't believe that has happened. Only a handful of Chiefs and their minions live well.

Nor do I believe that they would be content to have the government administer any resource allocation to ensure that the money would be spent as intended - housing, reserve infrastructure, job creation, etc.

If the Chiefs want to tie themselves to the NDP, perhaps they should form a party and then merge with the NDP, along with the Greens, and form one viable party to become either official opposition or government.

Anyone got a snappy acronym for this?


  1. First Nations Democratic Union Movement.

    i.e. FNDUM.

  2. After the First Nations party is established, I can't wait for the Homosexual Party, or the Aryan Party, or the Jewish Party, or the Ukrainian party........

    Because you know, forming parties based on race is always a good idea.

  3. I have direct experience with several first nations both in the north and the south. Many would love to be able to blame all their ills on outside governments and funding however even when dollars go into upgrading the life on reserve the places are destroyed as they are being built. There are too many reserves currently in third party management. Does anyone in today society believe they could put any credible organization together to form a political party. Who would fund the campaign? SIGA the FSIN this would just be another haven for the chiefs to take money away from their communities. Even the notion they could land 11 seats in the province. Sorry that isn't going to happen. As Anon 10:03 points out I am not even sure they could get party status if it limited its membership to First Nations people only.

  4. Anon 11:58 - If the PQ can represent only Quebecers and the Sask Party only represents Saskatchewan residents, why couldn't a First Nations Party only represent their own community?

  5. Anon 2:46 here
    There is a big difference between a community and a race. The PQ represent all creeds and colors as does every other political organization I know of in this country. Now if your saying they want a party dedicated to First Nations issues just as the Greens are dedicated to saving the world from ourselves, that would be different. But that isn't what I heard yesterday. As a non-native do you think I could join their party if I so choose. Highly unlikely. Just as Anon pointed out I don't think we want to see splinter groups based solely on race in this country, at least I don't. But then again this is a free country and if they want to isolate themselves that is their prerogative. You see how well it worked for the separatists.

  6. "As a non-native do you think I could join their party if I so choose. Highly unlikely."

    Are you able to validate this conjecture?


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