Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thank you Joe and Georgie

Last night when reading the CBC online edition, and then in today's SP (Nov. 23/11) I read of the passing of Joe Kuchta, author of the Owls and Rooster blog. I didn't know Mr. Kuchta personally but read his blog periodically. Although I may not have always agreed with his position, I did admire his research abilities and tenacity when addressing issues of concern to him.

I hadn't realized his wife, Georgie Davis, had died in September as I was away from the city at that time. I remember her well and her work in improving the lives of people with disabilities. She not only influenced the powers that be, but brought awareness to the general public of the difficulties of everyday life in Saskatoon for people with disabilities.

Today I salute both of them for their good works - they will be missed.

May they rest in peace together.

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  1. How very tactful mistress, I imagine by the lack of any comments many people share your sentiments or are generous enough not to comment. I to wish them eternal peace from a what was a troubling world for them both.


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