Monday, January 30, 2012

Frying pan to the fire?

With our rapid expansion as a city, you would think that election of civic politicians would attract some bright, new talent wanting to lead us into the future. Instead all the old has-beens are lining up - and before anyone can say it - this has-been will not be one of them. I refer to Saturday's SP (Jan. 29/12) article on the list of Council hopefuls. Quennell, Atkinson, Swystun and Dayday are sending out feelers. I don't discount the work these folks did or appreciate their service. But I question why they are considering this move.

Council appears to be the trampoline for politicians. It is being used as a starting point by some to showcase themselves for a future run at the provincial and federal level. Over the last term we have paid for three by-elections, two of which were to replace Councillors who moved on to better personal scenarios. Some City Councillors have attempted to move on by running for positions at the provincial and federal levels without success. Now we have those leaving the provincial level and looking to bounce back at the civic level. This may be the ultimate in recycling.

Will we actually have candidates that are truly committed to serving the city rather than themselves and their own aspirations? Perhaps we should have something in place that penalizes those who leave mid-term for any reason other than necessary personal circumstances - like you get to pay for the by-election.

Its early yet and more will come out to play I hope. But given the current list, the status quo, sad to say, may be looking good.

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  1. Yes I have to agree we need a longer list.

    I wonder if Sean Shaw will be adding his name to the list. He comes across to me as someone that is passionate about the future of Saskatoon.


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