Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The race is on

We welcome the new year with Mayor Atch's announcement that he will seek re-election in the 2012 civic election. No great surprise. Given the lack of interest in the position I suspect it will be much like the provincial election with a foregone conclusion.

The provincial economy is booming. Even Mother Nature has lined up in support - there will be a budget surplus in snow clearing and removal.

It would appear that the only issue we have is affordable housing. The solution to that problem is developing another 10,000 housing lots. The fact that lots are priced on average at $150,000 each is not a concern. Why? Because we are not in a boom time - this is our new norm. The good times are here to stay.

If for no other reason than optimism, Don will carry the year ahead.


  1. I believe that Saskatoon will see greater growth then is been predicted. If we look back at how much Edmonton grew
    by in the1950"s when they were at the same population.
    They had gains of 15,000 people

  2. Hopefully we will have someone running against Atch. And hopefully we will have a panel discussion on TV and radio discussing the issues and where we should be heading. I know we had the town meeting discussion, but who really participated. People have to get out and vote and get rid of this wasteful, arrogrant city council. Enough of empire building. We are all citizens and should be heard. Otherwise, they will keep pushing their agendas without any concern of the people of Saskatoon

  3. Sorry for trying to steal your thread Miistress but let's have a quick poll, one question and name answers without long reasons why or any other nonsense just a name. Who should we have as Mayor?

    I'll start....Donald J Atchison.

  4. I think Atch has been a good mayor in all respects but one - financial management. Then again, this does not fall solely at his feet. Five other people on Council must support his spending proposals. The whole of Council is responsible. But Atch is the leader of the pack and as such bears more heat.

    I am not as concerned about re-electing Atch as I am about electing Councillors that can hold him in check.

  5. Don Atchison is my vote!

  6. Don Atchison gets my vote. He is not afraid to lead this city into the future and I am happy with most of the decisions council has made.
    It would be great however to have a vote on some of the projects.

  7. Charlie Clark for Mayor

    Or Pat Atkinson

    Someone who will properly help out the less fortunate in the city. Enough about catering to the luxuries.

    People before roads.

    People before infrastructure.

    People before mega projects.

    Until we can bring the underprivileged out of poverty we should focus all attention there.

  8. I can hear the Atch campaign slogan already! "Saskatoon: No money but leading nation wide in crime!"

  9. Anon 1:52
    Catchy slogan you have there, since you don't offer an alternative do we assume your supporting Atch?

  10. I support fiscal responsibility which eliminates Atch.


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