Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spoon fed pap

The Library Board had best not cancel its late return fines policy because it is going to take a lot of quarters to pay a more than $50 million dollar debt. I give credit to library director, Zenon Zuzak, for his honesty in stating the planned budget of $50 million will probably be higher given current market constructions prices (SP Jan. 11/12.)

While it's true the city has doubled in size since the construction of the current central library in 1966, it should also be mentioned that in that era branch libraries in new neighbourhoods were not the norm. Nor did we have online booking and e-books.

What I hate most is the spoon feeding of these announcements. First we had the library survey to let us know about the user rate of the library. Today its having the library take the police station property and soon to follow will be City Hall taking the central library space to expand its growing operations. Couldn't we just get the whole package laid out with a price tag attached?

It is time to remember that come 2013 we will have debt of $310 million on major projects before we add on the library, relocation of the bus barns and city yards, City Hall expansion, transit mall, roadway rehabilitation and, and, and . . .when does this end?

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  1. The city councillors think that its' population is stupid. They feed us small spoons of pablum at a time hopeing we digest each spoonful without thinking what's at the end of the bowl. Can't wait for the next civic election. I believe that Saskatoon is a bit more sophisicated than the mayor and city councillors think we are.


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