Friday, January 27, 2012

Pandora's Box

I heard on CBC this morning that former Mayor Henry Dayday is strongly considering running for the Mayor's Chair in this year's civic election. I expect after this bomb dropped anyone else considering the position will have to come out quickly.

I like the idea of competition in an election if for no other reason than it forces dialogue.

However, should no one else come out of the woodwork, where will your vote go?


  1. Oh god no.

    If it is a decision between the Mayor that did nothing and seems to still promote doing nothing (Dayday) versus the Mayor who does everything recklessly and without thought (Atch) I have no idea where my vote will go. Perhaps a write in candidate?

    Enough to make one's head explode..... just imagine if the 3rd option was power hungry Pat Akinson running as the third candidate.


  2. He's still alive? Who knew.

  3. Sounds like Frank Quennell may throw his hat into the running.
    This news may give Gormley a heart attack.

  4. We can only hope. (the Gormley part)


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