Monday, January 23, 2012

Lights, camera, action

I support the concept of camera surveillance use for police (SP Jan. 23/12.) It will go a long way in abetting police in dealing with the criminal element and/or allegations of police wrong doing. It may also curb a momentary urge by some police officers to use excessive force on any citizen.

Several years back I went on a police ride-a-long. At first I thought I would only see police on their best, rather than normal, behaviour. During the course of the tour I came to realize, as a result of this officer's interaction with the public, that his best behaviour was also his normal behaviour. I also witnessed the abuse heaped on police by some of the seedy residents of our city - and the futility they experience in doing their job.

As this program unfolds there will also have to be sanction ordered for those officers who "forget" to activate their camera when stopping a citizen. This door has to swing both ways.

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