Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The gods are crazy

To suggest that the population of this city should double and to do so within the current city footprint leaves me feeling that Saskatoon's leaders may be drinking something other than water at City Hall.

I'm not opposed to growth. I understand the cost of urban sprawl on every level. I know their is a need to utilize existing properties to create affordable accommodation. I don't want to become the next Calgary or Toronto with all its sprawl issues. But I also don't want to become Hong Kong.

I would like balance and a plan that accommodates both the new and old. You can do in-fill development without destroying what already exists. And you can have expansion.

My son lives in downtown Calgary in multi-dwelling complex. They''ve enjoyed the concrete jungle and all its lifestyle. As they age and consider having a family they are looking to get out the core and for a home to raise a family in. They are heading out to the 'burbs and part of what they need is access to the C-train. They can't fathom living in a box and having a bird's eye view of the other boxes for the rest of their lives.

I haven't obtained a copy of this planning report yet but the news report (SP Jan. 25/12) left me feeling sick thinking of what's to come.

Worse yet is having the Mayor use this plan to justify if spending extravagances.


  1. If there were no new suburban developments on our way to 500k, Saskatoon would still be less dense than Toronto. If there were no new suburban developments on the way to 1000k, we would still be less dense than Hong Kong. If there were no new suburban develoments on the way to 2000k, we would still be less dense than Paris! I am using data from the 2006 census. Since then, Saskatoon has grown by nearly 30,000 but most of that has been on its edges. The city is even less dense than it was 5 years ago. So do not worry about us ever resembling Hong Kong.

    The city has been preaching density for the past 10 years, yet the downtown population has not increased while suburban development has continued to flourish. If we can even meet Calgary's current standards (50% infill, 50% suburban development), I will be surprised.

    here is a link to the city's plan:

  2. There really is no point to getting wound up over anything City Hall says anymore. Clearly it's being mismanaged right now, try not to get too mad, calm down, and hope they don't do too much damage before the fall. I have faith that the electorate of Saskatoon won't be as apathetic as they were last election.

    1. Faith in the electorate! They are the ones that elected these fools in the first place.

  3. You do realize that the report does not say reach 500000 within the currently built up foot print of the city right?

    Yf you aren't going to read the report, at least make sure you read the news article properly.

    The city annexed a huge amount of land a couple years ago, so there is likely room for over 100,000 people in neighbourhoods that resemeber Willowgrove or even Arbor Creek within the current city boundaries.


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