Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Museum pieces

In today's SP (Jan. 17/12) there is an article about the sale of medals and memorabilia items that once belonged the the late Tommy Douglas. The retired solider who has raised the issue is appalled and angry that none of our MLAs seem to be interested in having the province buy this back as Saskatchewan heritage artifacts.

The medals and memorabilia would have belonged to Douglas' family after his death and presumably it is they that put the articles up for auction. Yet this man is angry at the province for not purchasing same. If they were that important the family would have donated them to a provincial museum. Or perhaps the owners of Tommy Douglas House should have taken them for preservation and display.

I think this old solkier is venting his anger in the wrong direction.


  1. I think you mean soldier not solkier, that aside you are absolutely right why should we pay for these medals and other memorabilia? Maybe Kiefer little Tommy's grandson would pick up that tab!

  2. I'm sure the family would donate them to a museum. If only the family actually owned/had possession of these. They don't.

  3. "presumably it is they that put the articles up for auction. "

    I guess this is only a blog. No need for fact checking here.

    They (the family) don't own the medals. They didn't put them up for sale.

    SUPRISE!! Shirley Douglas bought them at the auction.


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